Monday, October 10, 2016

Fabric trays!

As Jo Anns was having a sale and Fat Quarters were 75% off, I had to pick some up to complement my growing stash of Fat Quarters. I may have gone overboard a little bit

The black is to go with the red that I bought last week and the solid pink is a lining for my drawstring pouches, sun-glass cases and my fabric trays.  The Simplicity pattern was 40% off, so I never need to buy pajamas again.  I am nearly 6 months postpartum and finding clothes that fit is crazy- one day I fit my pre pregnancy shorts, the next day I look like I'm 4 months pregnant again.  I'm going to custom fit my pajamas / lounge pants so that I no longer need to worry about it.  The pretty pink plaid is the material for my pajama pants.

Patterns for Pirates also offers an SOS pants that I mean to check out, but I know that leggings are a bit beyond me right now.  I only have a straight stitch and not the zigzag that I need for the rayon/ spandex of pegs.  If you have a zigzag, be sure to check out Patterns for Pirates Facegroup page- she offers a code in the pinned post comments for FREE leggings (Peglegs) and Pencil skirt.  Isn't that nice?

These knits are what I bought for an essential tank from Patterns from Pirates. Only $9 for the pattern and only needs a yard of knit!

I am currently cutting up my Fat Quarters for my Dad's fabric trays.  I bought some novelty football fabric for Dad & Mom that I'll pair with orange & black fabric.  The idea came to me from this Pinterest post at Clover & Violet

I wanted to see a video before I started sewing, so I found these

This is what I envisioned:

A basket for the kitchen 'Danish bread basket'

This is something new that I have learned today- Fusible Fleece & Interfacing

I had bought fusible fleece and was disappointed to learn that I needed something else-  this is for a new project that I am interested in, fabric trays. I am making a few to organize my bathroom, my jewelry and hair things and as always, small notions in my sewing room.  It is so appealing to place a few fabric trays on a larger tray and carry it from sewing room to living room so that I can sew and watch the baby play.  Have you ever learned fusible fleece?

Sunday, October 2, 2016

I'm so happy to have found clothing that I can sew

I picked up some cheap patterns at Goodwill and was immediately humbled while I laid out those tissues with the patterns.  The patterns use terms that I have to look up & check my Youtube videos on.  Anyone with a baby knows that you don't have a lot of time when you have two hands to yourself to cut, piece & sew, so a night of research just to get to sewing was not how I wanted to spend my night.

I looked online in my Facebook group, Just Sew, and I found someone posting about Patterns for pirates

Check out the pretty Patterns

It sounded a bit too alternative for me, but I was shocked to find something adorable and 'me' right on the first page.  I joined the Facebook group Patterns for Pirates Sewing PDF Pattern Group and was welcomed in with open arms and encouragement about my first sewing for me project. Turns out that they had just the thing- the pinned post shares a code for a free pencil skirt and 'peg legs' leggings! I was shocked and excited.  I watched the video on how to sew the peg legs (you know me and my Youtube tutorials! ) and I was thinking 'you know, I can do this'.

Husband pulled out my mom's vacation sewing machine that does straight stitch and I'm going to sit down and practice some straight stitches. While at the Goodwill, I picked up a bag of linens for $2 - some really cute patterns and solids in there. I'll practice making cloth napkins & place mats while I decide on what sort of pattern I'll make first, peg legs or a pencil skirt. I'll be buying fabric - brushed poly- next week, so check back to see what comes up!