Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sharing a ribbon tutorial


Tonight I started to make my first silk ribbon kit that I will offer on my Etsy store for sale. You can find a link to my store over in the links to the left.  One thing that I love about SRE (Silk ribbon embroidery) is that it is extremely forgiving.  If you make a mistake, you can tease out the ribbon with the eye of the needle or stitch right over the mistake. I have been sewing a Christmas present cross stitch for several weeks and it is finally done!  As I'm not adept with cross stitch, I made a few mistakes- I didn't keep the back of the needlework neat and I didn't start in the center of the project. Later as I was completing the cross stitch, I was accidentally pulling stitches through the aida. It took some work to correct and sometimes I had to set it aside and work some Silk ribbon embroidery to relax.   SRE looks really pretty in layers and I suggest that you practice layering your ribbon stitches over completed stitches.

The silk ribbon kit that I am working on now has three of my favorite flowers- delphinium, irises and straight stitch flowers.  I love how the height of the delphinium and irises complement one another.  I had purchased some yellow ribbon that I had not had a chance to use before the birth of my baby, so I am using that with medium blue and white silk ribbon.

Future projects that I am working on is setting up my PVC frame to stitch a larger embroidery for a pillow sampler. As this Youtube poster is showing a group of flowers, I'll be making a small group of flowers to sew into a pillow for a Christmas gift.  I am very excited!

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