Thursday, September 8, 2016

Ornament tutorials

Whenever I am unsure of how to do something, I like to look up tutorials.  I have found some great resources at the local library for cross stitch & silk ribbon embroidery books, yet many are vague on finishing.  As I am not very experienced in sewing and have greater experience in silk ribbon embroidery with very easy finishing methods, I started researching different ways to finish my Christmas gifts.  The big book of Christmas quickies published by Leisure arts that I have used to sew a gift for my mother in law suggested tracing a provided pattern and using paper backed fusible web,  fuse the web to the wrong side of the piece.  If you are using the Christmas book of quickies, you can find all directions under fabric backed ornaments on page 144.

Circular Tutorial from Pinwheel Ponders

I like that this uses material that I'm familiar with- quilt batting, cardboard and easily found sewing materials.  This may be easier than learning how to use fusible web as I've never used fusible web before.  I'll be trying this out after I finish my mother in laws ornament- check back for some pictures and feedback.

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