Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Musing about offering silk ribbon projects


Thanks for stopping by.  I am thinking about offering my own silk ribbon embroidery projects.  I have been spending some time surveying Etsy while spending hours breastfeeding and it strikes me how expensive many of the kits offered on Etsy are.  Now I know one person hand dyes her crafts which understandably adds cost and time on her part.  However if you work out how much silk ribbon costs per yard for those offering pre - manufactured ribbon like Bucilla, the cost seems prohibitive.

I have been collecting silk ribbon through sales & as gifts for many years and have quite the stash (although I never seem to have enough 7 mm pink and forest green!) and I wonder if I can offer an affordable kit, only charging for materials and time for creating the kit.  The one thing that gives me pause is the instructions- I work much better through Youtube videos than describing the lay of the ribbon on paper.  I believe that I will begin an attempt by sharing one project that I plan to draft tomorrow during my 'me' time.  Perhaps you'd like to sew along with me?  Check back during the week to see the project!

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