Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Crafty mommy


I hope that this finds you well.  I have been very busy as many changes have happened in my family.  Due to some child care conflicts,  I decided to stay home and become full time mommy to our little lovebug.  I thought that this meant lots of free time!  Boy, was I wrong.  Babies need snuggles and enrichment time...

Our little one grew so strong.  He's now my little inch worm, rocking his bottom when he sits in my lap to tell me to help him to sit and to stand. 

We're still not sure about this 'food' stuff.

My little one loves his twenty minute naps.  He hates to close his eyes for fear of missing anything.  I have set up a laptop in the nursery and when he settles down in his swing to sleep, I promote my shop on Twitter and sew my silk ribbon embroidery.

  I'm hoping to do a homemade Christmas this year.

I have reached into my stash for my vintage iron on patterns and modern silk ribbon embroidery books.  I am searching for useful patterns to make for my family - a sewing bag, a sunglasses case and sachets.  I love making sachets - they are so fun to free embroider.  Here are two of my own patterns

Due to my time constraints, I started to use iron on patterns.  I haven't fallen in love with them- I don't like being locked into specific stitches.  I also have a problem with a silk ribbon embroidery on a picture frame- an iron on pattern on Black Bucilla moire fabric.  Try to iron on a pattern on Black fabric.  The best I can decide is to order special quilting pencils in pink or yellow and hold the pattern to a light box.  Its going to be a trial.

So far I have finished three silk ribbon embroidery stitching - two hearts and one horse shoe with floral pattern for a sachet.  I want to attempt to make small pillows for the hearts.  I also pulled out my old cross stitch book from three years ago when I found out that my mother in law loves handmade ornaments.  Now I'm stitching a little mouse!

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope to see you back to see the pictures of my Christmas gifts!

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