Wednesday, October 28, 2015

We have arrived

Hello, Thanks for reading. Husband & I have arrived safe and sound in Phoenix with a little surprise- we discovered on day that we were supposed to move that I am expecting! We discovered it in the emergency room as I had a serious bout of nausea that left me dehydrated yet it was a happy night! We'd already given our last day notice on the apartment so we set up at my parents for the night- unconditional love was very nice to get us through a stressful night. Now that I'm set up at my parents house while we search for our forever home, I am determined to get some videos up and put some new cards on the etsy shop. I haven't been active at all in stampin' up due to my nausea, but I feel like I've turned the corner. In a little over a week and a half, we'll find out if our jelly bean is a boy or a girl! I am setting up for my new video now so check in soon to see it edited into this post