Monday, August 25, 2014

I *love* stampin' up demonstrator support

I *love* stampin' up demonstrator support.  I have been head over heels for Holiday Home polymer stamp set Bundle. It is my first polymer stamp set and these babies need a little more tender loving care than the clear cling stamps that I am used to.  I experienced a 'stickiness' issue - the stamp sticks to the paper while stamping the image. The stamp set still works about 50% of the time, but I don't want to show this stamp set at a party and give the misconception that this is what Stampin' Up! polymer stamp sets do. It was decided that heat may have affected the set before it shipped. Stampin' Up is sending me a whole new set - for free - and gave me recommendations for fixing my current set. I am currently soaking the set in warm, soapy water to see if that helps. I love Stampin' Up! It lets me share what I love- creating something that matters.

I shared the tag that I was pulling from the Holiday Buffet (until the new stamp set arrives) and my husband thought that it was very cute. He doesn't always love my taste in stamps - and he ALWAYS mocks the Gee, Thanks set- but when he likes something, I feel good sending it to our family :)

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