Saturday, July 12, 2014

Whats the best thing in your crafting space?

Whats the best thing in your crafting space?  For myself, I love a gift from my mom. She found it in an old Craigslist ad from a former demonstrator when I first started out in my business. I was buying direct income to direct income, not spending much of my personal money. Each little sale was such a point of pride for me. My mom found an older version stamp pad caddy. It has four sides for stamp pads and a four section holder on top.

I organize it by Incolors, Subtles, Brights and everything else (I never buy a lot of Regals or Nuetrals) and there is a special smaller section for my Versamark and Stazon. I use it almost every day and it makes things so neat and easy!

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