Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I made a day for myself

Ever since Mother's Day, I've been compelled to craft but have not had the time. I had so many appointments to go to. Some coupons were expiring and we have to go this week end. The little chores have blown into things we forgot to do last week end and take much longer. I've realized that since my back problem, I haven't had as much energy as I normally do. Sitting in a chair is no longer comfortable. I must move, stretch and try to mind my posture. It's so easy to forget about posture when I want to cut as much card stock as possible to save time later.

Yesterday, I had a wonderful day to craft. My husband and I put off a to - do list and had a relaxing stay at home day. I re - arranged my schedule so that there would not be three hours of doctor and physical therapy appointments. We didn't even want to deal with the bustle of people at Costco. Instead, I wandered around my craft room when I felt like it and it was very liberating! I keep having thoughts that I won't have the luxury of a free day all of the time, but it was very freeing.

I tried some new techniques that I like - and I finally tried the artisan punch that I had bought ages ago. I copied some things off of the internet and then seemed to find my own inspiration. I always have a bit of anxiety when I am designing one card for a specific event, like Mother's Day. I spent hours checking web sites, browsing extensive photo files and cutting and then scraping card ideas. Once I decided that I can make as many as I wanted, I found that I wasn't so worried that it wasn't 'special enough' or that the color scheme that I preferred would not be appreciated by the recipient.

Have you ever felt like you didn't have enough time to craft?

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