Saturday, June 22, 2013

So excited!

   The new catalog is a breath of fresh air tinged with sea salt for me. It evokes memories of lazy days by the shore, sunkissed cheeks and fun filled days of family. A lot of  this is likely inspired by the new colors- Coastal Cabana and Crisp Cantaloupe come to mind! I also am in love with pages 76 - 77 on the new catalog. Look at those gorgeous ideas!
    I am really happy that By the Seashore has returned. This is a great stamp set for family vacations for people who are land locked! Its also a perfect stamp set for my nieghbors who are all in California. I can't wait to bring it out for when I scrapbook my honeymoon (a cruise to Puerta Vallarta!)
   The little coastal cabana colored image on page 77 is a great information blurb on how to add a pretty effect to your projects. Stampin' up offers gorgeous core'dinations (in all colors, including the new ones!) that are a fun way to make each piece you make one of a kind and different even from the piece you made five minutes ago. I have 12X12 sheets of all of the new colors that I can't wait to share with my party attendees!
If you want to purchase some of the Core'dinations now, remember that you can always order through me and get preferred pricing online My name is Anne Purkey (yes, I'm working on changing it!)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Loving Stampin' up and not going broke

One big thing that I have struggled with these past few weeks is budgetting. It's easy to open the new catalog and say 'Oooh, thats it! Thats the one I'm making!'  yet with me, theres always something to tweak.  I have put myself on a Stampin' up budget. That means I only spend the money I earn through Stampin' up for SU! products! Its a good idea to keep the bills paid and the savings on track, but it means I can't buy the six new stamp sets featured in the new Stampin Success, the magazine (and idea book!) mailed out to demos.

So when I open the SS (Stampin' Success), I search for that 'WOW!' project that I know my friends will love. Then I tweak something about it to fit something that I already have. That stack of new in colors? Thats my color base. That brand new stamp set that I HAD to have last month and haven't even used? Thats also brought out. Its a good system to show people what works and what is versatile!

A hobby stamper might be okay with buying something and then not using it again for awhile, but for me - everything is going to be used again and given a fresh new look. Most of my friends work at the same company as I do (not SU!) and I know exactly what they earn. I want to show them how you can make pretty things all over and through out the year without spending an entire paycheck! I haven't been near my Stampin' spot today ( a full day at the day job!) but I'll have to do a shoot where you can re - use your fave items for fresh new looks from the catalog!  Friends, stay tuned for the July 14th party because I want to WOW you with my new product and the new catalog!

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Sorry that I haven't posted in awhile. Stampinup! has come out with a new annual catalog and I've been running to catch up with the bright new themes :)  I've been bitten by the butterfly bug and have made several butterfly cards. I am having a terrible time deciding which one should be the card at the next party. What do you think?