Thursday, May 16, 2013

Persistence is paying off!


I am adamant about two listings a day in the etsy shop and I think that its paying off. Yet the real benefit of it is that its making me have a deadline to craft - and procrastination is a big flaw of mine. Knowing that I need to get two cards done helps me sit at my table and start stamping - and then a lot gets done! Most of the time, I start working on a few mini projects before I actually get the two cards done.

Here are two of this weeks projects - the first one is my Mother's Day card for my mom and the second is a card thats on Etsy :)


  1. Seryna both of these cards are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. As a procrastinator myself, I know how much time can be wasted in doing other things so it's important to bite the bullet and like Nike says "Just Do It". Look forward to seeing more of your special creations.

  2. Hi Penny,

    Thanks for sharing your experience with crafting! Sometimes it feels like other card makers have an endless font of both creativity and gumption! Time to get on the days projects :)


  3. Great card. I like both but the all pink is my favorite.