Monday, May 13, 2013

Not being organized is a killer

While basking in my 'I'm organized! Look at me!' stage, I decide to make a pack of Easy Events cards. I love easy events. It has the cupcake, the tree and the wedding birds; which are by far my favorite. I go to my stamp drawer and low and behold, no stamp set. I find the empty box which only raises questions. Is the cupcake adhered to a clear block somewhere? Quick, remember how many clear blocks you own. Yeah. This is me tossing my stampin' up station.

I have now resigned myself to a different stamp set. I'm waffling between Lovely as a Tree, Hearts a Flutter and Bordering on Romance. I was planning on sending my mom a card set, so I suppose those three work well for all occasions. I also have Perfect Punches out for that lovely little addition to every card.  I'm going to get to work! Stay tuned for cards to appear.

I do have a question to leave you with - what cards do I need more of in my shop? Comment and let me know, please!


1 comment:

  1. This looks like quite the card buffet. All look beautiful. Birthday and baby seem to be the ones I need more of and don't always have on hand. You look like you have quite a good selection here.