Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Last day that this card is 5$


I'd like to remind you that my newest card, the Pink Rose Spray, is on sale for 5 dollars in the Sale section of the shop:

Tomorrow the card will be full price at 7$ - don't miss this sale!

I am also giving a 20% coupon code to every order this month. There is another coupon code that every one can use for 10% off: ETSYNEAT for my Etsyneat Team :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Geekery to come

I hope that this finds you well. One of the many reasons that I love my fiance is that he knows me - and he knows me to be a geek :) My favorite TV show is Firefly; my favorite book of the moment is the Hunger Games. For my birthday this month; he browsed Etsy until he found someone who could hand craft jewelry that I love.
I am weaseling out who the seller is to share a review with you. I wore them nearly constantly after my birthday and they hold up well for constant wear!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Whats coming up in the shop

Hello! I hope that you are well today. I've been battling a cold, which ironically is when I make all of my sales this week. When it rains, it pours :)
I had time to edit pictures however and would like to show you what will be hitting the store asap: Rose spray card. This card will be listed under the 'sale' category for 5 dollars for two days. If you're quick, you can snatch it for 2 dollars off :)

Also be sure to use the codetwitter for 20% off one's whole order and if you'd like to purchase some ribbon, be sure to use code etsyneat for 10% off a whole order with a ribbon set included. Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Since my lovely silk has been so popular this week, I am celebrating by giving you a bonus when you buy silk ribbon sets. When you add a silk ribbon set to your order, use coupon code
to get 10% off your entire order. I will be unveiling new batches of silk ribbon so check out the shop to snag the pretty ribbon and the savings!

Right now, mossy green, blue and pink potion are available!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Help me reach 60 followers for a giveaway!


I am working hard to make Seryna's Creations creative and to offer pretty jewelry that you can wear and handmade cards you can send to your loved ones. I am hoping to share more handmade creations and ask for your help. If you can help me reach 60 blog followers, I will give away a pendant like this:

The added bonus is that the winner can request their favorite flower!

Please share Seryna's Creation blog to make this giveaway happen! Comment here when you share or when you join the blog please :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day! I hope that every one had a wonderful day with their friends or loved one :)
Today I was proud to unveil one of my new cards on the Etsy shop. Foxgloves are one of my favorite flowers to embroider, yet I never mastered how to stitch ribbon through another ribbon layer. I finally found out how to do it and I'm very proud. If any one's interested, I'll be trying to duplicate it for a tutorial.

Fair warning, I am also moving in March... and blog posts may be a bit sporadic. Yet the new house has a second room (craft room/ computer room!) so things will be more organized. I'll be coming back stronger and more organized. I may enlist the fiance for video how - tos :)
I'd like to share the love with a code for 20% off with CodeTwitter!

Friday, February 10, 2012

It might as well be spring treasury


I'd like to thank Teri for including my trio of roses in your gorgeous treasury. Here are some of the pieces that I can't tear my eyes away from.

Here's my piece.
Come see the treasury in full here:
Please support the treasury - creator at Teri's store:

Monday, February 6, 2012

Further review of the handbook of silk ribbon embroidery, with some of my own stitches


A bit of happy news is that I am getting married in April. Part of this is packing up my things, like my kits. I am unable to find my instruction booklets and patterns that I use in my silk ribbon embroidery kits, and so I have deactivated my silk ribbon embroidery kits. I do plan on bringing them back when I find the folder or recreate it.

A few days ago, I reviewed the book the handbook of silk ribbon embroidery. I'd like to share with you a project that I have adapted. I am making an iris card for a relative who is in the hospital.

I am taking this project and adapting it to fit into a heart shaped card, which means the project will be a bit smaller. I also don't have yellow ribbon in this shade, so I am changing the colors from white, yellow and blue to white, pink and purple.

To start with, make two lazy daisy stitches in a 'U' shape. Pull the ribbon through the fabric and place the needle down again about 1/4 an inch from w
here you came up. Hold the loop with your finger and pull slowly through the fabric. When you have a petal sized loop, secure with the last lazy daisy stitch.

For some of the irises, I like to add more depth. You won't find this in the handbook of silk ribbon embroidery, but I enjoy it. You can do this by bringing your lighter color ribbon up and folding it over on itself. It should have a fold as above. Pierce the ribbon and make a ribbon stitch. Be careful to hold the stitch so that you do not pull too tightly and lose the raised layer. Do the same thing on the other side.

Now I am showing you a photographed how - to to how to make an upper portion of the iris with a lazy daisy. You can do this the same way for the lower portion.

Pull the ribbon through, but hold the loop.

The two pictures are where you bring your needle back up. Now place your needle very close to where you brought it up, hold your stitch and bring it through. Once the stitch is made, secure with a knot. Now you can use the flat end of a needle - or once you gain confidence, pluck it with your fingers- to create more or less fullness, depending on what you want.

Once the three irises are complete, use embroidery flos
s to create stems. I also place different lengths beside the stems to simulate green stalks. Using two different colored green embroidery silk, place long and short stitches around the stems with ribbon and straight stitches. Twist the ribbon for the ribbon stitches for more fullness.

You can also add straight stitch flowers among the stems, but be careful not to pull a stitch through. Here is the final piece:

I apologize for the dark pictures, my fiance's house has poor light. Battle #1 is for a higher energy but brighter light bulb ;)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

How have cards affected you?


These last couple days have brought bad news my way and two family members have been hospitalized. I've been focusing my worry and concerns on making get well cards. I've been playing with contrasting colors- purple, green and gold and then white, purple and pink. Here is a card that I hope to send to my aunt as soon as I assemble the card.

Do you have a memory about receiving a card at a hard time in your life?

I've been doing this because a card uplifted me at a difficult time in my life. When I was seventeen, I enlisted in the US ARMY Reserves as a split op, meaning I attend Basic training one summer, finish high school and return to the Army after graduation for AIT. A few weeks to graduation, I broke my foot during a field training exercise. I was immediately delegated to light duty and isolated from other soldiers in my platoon during the physicality taxing events. I felt isolated and a bit sad that all those weeks were going to be wasted without me able to complete the physical run required to graduate.

My dad sent me a card stating that he was proud of me and not to be upset with myself. I was very uplifted to remember that I wasn't isolated and that I had family to rely on.

Treasury Treasures

I would like to thank Alisha for featuring my butterfly & Iris card in her beautiful treasury. Here are the lovely creations that I can't tear my eyes from:

Here is my card that was featured

In gratitude, I am giving a 20% off code to my shop. Enter CODETWITTER for 20% off anything in my shop. I also have a new sale section for 5$ cards

You can find the treasury here. Which creation is your favorite?

Ribbon Pansies

I had a passion for purple lately and found myself pouring through this blog:

Aren't these lovely ribbon pansies wonderful? The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. I can't wait to follow these instructions! Stay tuned for pictures :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First Brooch

Today, I am happy to unveil my first brooch that was offered at the store today. I made this while I was pet sitting at my parents house, so the only material that I had was what I had left in my old room. There wasn't much, but my eye caught on this lovely spool of hand dyed silk ribbon. The ribbon ranged from pink, pink and yellow in a gorgeous blend. I just had to make something with it.

Whats to come: