Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Funny story about sewing in public

Working on silk ribbon embroidery in public isn't something that I do very often... the one time that I did had a funny encounter. It was about two and a half years ago and my fiance had decided to get braces (new insurance, happy times!) I had braces before, so I expected that the first appointment would be awhile. I brought my trust wooden sewing bag that my Mom gave to me from her silk ribbon embroidery days. I was sitting & embroidering a new card when the receptionist walks out. Apparently Keith was ready to see a computer generated image of what he could look like and asked her to come get me. Apparently he had only said my name and not my relation.

The receptionist walks out and says 'Anne? Keith's mom? Your son's waiting for you."

... ;/

I'm three years older than he is. Apparently sewing adds years... and she had forgotten her glasses that day :P

The reason that I thought about this was this lovely blog with an article about stitching in public. Do you stitch in public? What sort of reactions do you get?

Roses on Silk Dupion

Here is the newest edition to my rose line, completed on shimmering silver silk dupion!

Whats new for Seryna's Creations in 2012?


2012 is going to be a new, exciting year at the shop. I've gotten into jewelry making. This is what you can expect to hit the store this month! I will be making a line of simple flowers with no text that are perfect for Mother's Day & all occasion. I also will get into my favorite sort of embroidery, monograms.

The first pendant, the dark pink rose, is already listed for sale. Let me know your thoughts!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Review of the handbook of silk ribbon embroidery by Ann Cox.


Today I am reviewing a very enjoyable craft book, the handbook of silk ribbon embroidery by Ann Cox.

The cons is are twofold: 1. I never understood this chapter on gathered flowers. There were two options for learning these gathered flowers offered in the book. One was more time intensive than I cared to do involving sewing diagonal lines on the ribbon and then pulling it through the fabric and laying it in a certain way. The other involved using pins to lay the ribbon. I attempted the pin technique but I never mastered these flowers.

2. Not all of the pictured flowers were demonstrated. For the photo of flowers; and about a third were explained.

The main pros are that the book offers great pictures and descriptions on a handful of excellent flowers such as irises, roses, delphiniums and foxgloves. There are also several patterns for roses, irises and a lovely arch covered with hanging flowers.

The most enjoyable aspect of the book for me was that it was inspiring for more silk ribbon work. I did not always follow the books directions 100%, but I liked having a reference for how flowers could look. I also enjoyed the back chapter on how to paint a landscape and how to dye silk ribbon. I never attempted it; but I appreciated that the option was presented.

I cart this small, compact book with me on my trips for instant inspiration and advise purchasing it.

Sale section


I have been on an organizing kick this last few days. It has brought to light many cards that I feel should be enjoyed by people and so I have been slashing prices. Come check out the new SALE section of the shop, featuring these great cards for less:

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Having an inspired week end due to a sale and new hearts; I am purchasing more ribbon from a great supplier on Etsy. If you are very curious on where to get your own silk ribbon, I highly suggest purchasing ribbon from

Silk Studio has fast shipping, fair prices and I love the variegated colors of hand dyed ribbon.

I also purchase some lots of specific colors off of Ebay. Searching Ebay can yield some interesting colors as suppliers make different lot batches.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Ribbons - Use your imagination and this is what you can get......

I am very glad that two of my items were featured in this gorgeous treasury. I am love these gorgeous silk ribbon creations. Pictured above are my two favorites - wedding place card holders and lornabateman's piece.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A rose by any other name

A rose by any other name is a gorgeous treasury filled with purple roses. If you need a bit of botanical in your day, you can find it here:

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Embroidering cards for Men


I hope that this finds you well. Today, I am preparing a card for my father. This has made me look over my past work on cards for men and consider how other card creators choose their manly men cards. Do you go for his favorite color? Something funny?

I do choose to stick to floral arrangements, but with a little twist:

1: Using a masculine color, such as blue with a darker colored AIDA linen

2. Using different flowers that come in blue, yello
w & purples instead of flowers more commonly associated with women, such as roses. In this card, I used foxgloves in pink (yes, in pink!) blue & purple and a cross stitched blue flower.

3. Different arrangements: Instead of bouquets, go for a different arrangement such as a wreath, pictured below, or a cart full of flowers, a train carting a caboose of flowers.

4. Go with the theme. For Father's Day, I personalized my father's card with 'Dad'.

I used dark blue delphinium, white daisies and a yellow daffodil. I also used a 'patchwork' style of stitching the blue aida with the embroidery onto a white aida background. My father enjoys quilts with scenes (such as bird dogs, hunting) and he enjoyed the texture of the card.

Show off some of your cards for men in the comment sections here.

These card have been re - listed and can be found here:



Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kitty Me Designs & Waste canvas

I have often looked at waste canvas and decided it would be great with silk ribbon embroidery on linen. I have never attempted to use the waste canvas because it says 'wet to use' and I always feel silk ribbon loses some of its depth when you wet it.

Here is someone who says that wetting it is not neccessary! Come check out

She has also featured her elegant crazy seam volumes (which look so pretty!) so be sure to check them out!

Friday, January 13, 2012

This week: Card sets


How are you doing this week? How are your goals going?

While stitching a card this week, I was struck my inspiration to make a 'set'. Since I was stitching a roses & daisies card, I made an extra to include with the ord

er for a freebie. Then I am embroidering three more to list as a 'set'.

Do you have any set ideas that may be a big hit? I am thinking roses & daisies, irises & daisies and delphinium & bluebells. Perhaps a 'mixed' pack like this heart that I enjoyed stitching.

Sound off with any ideas that you have!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New sneak pic

Many thanks to Lorraine & Miss Bohemia for helping me complete the listing!

here is the final listing:
Sneak peeks on the next thing to hit the shop:

Monday, January 2, 2012

Help me pick the top 5

Happy New year! I hope that your holiday season was a joyful one. I ring in the new year with the hope to have more custom cards in my shop. For this reason, I photographed a card that I made my future sister in law, Chrissy.

I played with the graphics a bit and could use some help deciding which to use for the 5 pictures on Etsy. Would you vote on which ones you like best?




Thank you!