Saturday, September 8, 2012

Earn free stamps from Stamping up by throwing parties!


Stamping Party

Today we're going to talk about how Stamping Up can be fun for you - and doesn't cost you an arm and a leg! In this economy, spending 20+ dollars on a stamp can be expensive. You need to really justify spending money on hobbies nowadays.. unless its free. Let me repeat that - you can get things FREE. How do you get stamps, paper and embellishments for free? Its simple - throw a stampin up party!

Simply invite 6 or more of your friends to come spend a night stamping with you.  I will demonstrate how to make two beautiful cards to your friends and then make a more elaborate demonstration of one card. You move around the room and help your friends make the beautiful cards. The event usually takes about an hour and a half. We could use the hall at my complex, allowing you to invite more people and not worry about having to clean up before and after the party!

What do you do as a hostess?

  1. Invite your friends - 6 - 10 is a good number. I would invite at least 15 friends two weeks before the party and see who RSVPs. With cancellations, its a good idea to encourage people to bring their friends - you have more fun in groups!
  2. Help your friends make the cards by sharing my instructions with them
  3. Offer a drink and snack once the card making is completed!

Pair hosting the party night with a catalog party to up your sales!

Catalog party

A catalog party is not truly a 'party' that you host. You share Stampin' Up with your friends by bringing in a catalog and samples of Stamping Up - cards that you have made at card class, for example! You share the annual catalog and the fun Holiday catalog and hand out order forms. You and I help your friends choose the projects that they would like to make. This is a good option for people who want to get into Stamping Up but who can't attend your party.  You can invite them to one of my card classes and stamping parties at a more convenient date- or suggest that they host a party to earn free products.

We enter the orders from your catalog party in with your orders from your hosted stampin' up party, helping you reach a higher sales for more free product! $150 in stamping up sales = $35 of free stamping up product for you!

You could even reconnect with them before the party to see if any one in thier family is having a life event - getting married, having a baby or were hired on at a new company. I can bring 'wedding wishes, 'welcome baby' or 'congratulations!' product to fit the theme and make it even more enjoyable for your friends.

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