Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Card Swaps

Do you ever have a creativity slump? Are you in a rut in creating?  Consider doing a card swap!
I was on the demonstrator web site last night and saw so many lovely, inspired cards inspired by card swaps!  I've decided to host a swap with my customers this month! The cards will be due 10/11 - exactly one month to be creative!  I am deciding whether to use Betsy's Blossoms or Easy Events.  Easy Events is truly inspiring to me.

I also am remembering 9/11 and thinking we should host a charity stamping day where we donate cards to the troops. I'm going to be bringing a retired stamp set supporting the troops for guests to work with tonight to send to their loved ones and perhaps even donate!

Have you ever done a card swap? Do you stamp, sew or draw your cards?


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