Saturday, August 4, 2012

I am

I have been watching some videos and some comments about the demonstrator event for Stampin' Up Events. The big phrase of the convention was 'I am'.  For example, one woman shared an eloquently written statement of how she was blessed.  It made me wonder what my statement would be. I shied away from the easy 'I am creative' or ' I am new' (to Stampin' up). I visited upon 'I am content'; and discovered that I really am not content.

I am pleased with all of the new changes in my life - the new home and marriage in April, the new job (nine days before the wedding!) Yet I still haven't adjusted yet to the home, the new 'wife work' and my new schedule. I work only 25 hours a week, but the day starts at 2 A.M. This occasionally throws me in a flux where I can not sleep - no nap during the day, nor get a restful's night sleep. The distraction saps my energy to tackle my housework and creativity for Stampin' Up. I occasionally feel like I haven't been at my best. In reflecting at this, it gives me a strong 'I am' statement. 'I am optimistic'.  My husband has been supportive and I still count down the hours until he comes home every night. I hope we do this when we're eighty nine :)

What is your 'I am' statement?


  1. Optimistic ... That's beautiful, thoughtful, and honest. What am I? Hmm ... I'll go with Blessed.

    1. Thank you, I appreciate that. Blessed is wonderful, I am glad all is well with you.