Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Danger Will Robinson, danger!

This old joke between my Dad and I drifted back to me when I was preparing my card line up for the card class.  I was making the 'sending Christmas wishes' card with the Joyous Occasions stamp set - and I had bought the wrong punch! The Extra large oval punch coordinates with this set, not the large oval one! Darnit!  So I am going to be making some shape art with that punch...

I am working on how to 'save' the card set without rushing out and buying the right sized punch. I'm trying to only place one Stampin' Up order a month and I am sticking to my guns! I've had two ideas - cut the oval stamped image by hand and use the 'Sending Christmas wishes' as a banner as pictured in the Holiday magazine.  I'll work on that a bit and post pictures here - tell me if I 'saved' it!

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