Tuesday, July 24, 2012



I hope that this finds you well.   My husband and I drove to Ramona to help my parents clear out the storage locker for their move recently.  My mom was kind enough to loan me her stampin' up stamp collection - 2 whole storage bins! She gave me a storage bin full of paper (most retired) and a bin full of inks, all Stampin' Up merchandise!  To make room for all of this good fortune, I am clearing out my middle drawer tomorrow and posting everything at my Etsy shop at low prices.  I believe its a lot of fat corners, AIDA cloth and perhaps some embroidery kits, including good yards of muslin and linen. I am also posting all of my non Stampin' Up papers on Etsy.  Come check it out here:  I'll probably start photographing & listing about 10 am and go through 5 PM. Come get some great deals :)

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