Friday, June 8, 2012

Oh my gosh, where have I been for so many months?
April 9th: Started new job (full time hours for six weeks.  I miss my 19  work hours & 20 hours of crafting week!)
April 10: Moved into the new house!
April 28th: Got married
Recently started a 4 am shift at work that just kicks my muse.

I am going to unpack the craft room and get started again. I think having a dedicated space will really improve my shop and my skills...once everything is in its place. Until then; share with every one:
Fill in the blank: One of my favorite needlepoint projects was a _____________ that I gave to my _________

 Gift tag that I gave to my now - husband. It was right when I had learned cross stitch; so it reads 'Thank you for making me so hoppy!'. I use AIDA now :P

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