Sunday, February 5, 2012

How have cards affected you?


These last couple days have brought bad news my way and two family members have been hospitalized. I've been focusing my worry and concerns on making get well cards. I've been playing with contrasting colors- purple, green and gold and then white, purple and pink. Here is a card that I hope to send to my aunt as soon as I assemble the card.

Do you have a memory about receiving a card at a hard time in your life?

I've been doing this because a card uplifted me at a difficult time in my life. When I was seventeen, I enlisted in the US ARMY Reserves as a split op, meaning I attend Basic training one summer, finish high school and return to the Army after graduation for AIT. A few weeks to graduation, I broke my foot during a field training exercise. I was immediately delegated to light duty and isolated from other soldiers in my platoon during the physicality taxing events. I felt isolated and a bit sad that all those weeks were going to be wasted without me able to complete the physical run required to graduate.

My dad sent me a card stating that he was proud of me and not to be upset with myself. I was very uplifted to remember that I wasn't isolated and that I had family to rely on.

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