Monday, January 30, 2012

Review of the handbook of silk ribbon embroidery by Ann Cox.


Today I am reviewing a very enjoyable craft book, the handbook of silk ribbon embroidery by Ann Cox.

The cons is are twofold: 1. I never understood this chapter on gathered flowers. There were two options for learning these gathered flowers offered in the book. One was more time intensive than I cared to do involving sewing diagonal lines on the ribbon and then pulling it through the fabric and laying it in a certain way. The other involved using pins to lay the ribbon. I attempted the pin technique but I never mastered these flowers.

2. Not all of the pictured flowers were demonstrated. For the photo of flowers; and about a third were explained.

The main pros are that the book offers great pictures and descriptions on a handful of excellent flowers such as irises, roses, delphiniums and foxgloves. There are also several patterns for roses, irises and a lovely arch covered with hanging flowers.

The most enjoyable aspect of the book for me was that it was inspiring for more silk ribbon work. I did not always follow the books directions 100%, but I liked having a reference for how flowers could look. I also enjoyed the back chapter on how to paint a landscape and how to dye silk ribbon. I never attempted it; but I appreciated that the option was presented.

I cart this small, compact book with me on my trips for instant inspiration and advise purchasing it.

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