Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Funny story about sewing in public

Working on silk ribbon embroidery in public isn't something that I do very often... the one time that I did had a funny encounter. It was about two and a half years ago and my fiance had decided to get braces (new insurance, happy times!) I had braces before, so I expected that the first appointment would be awhile. I brought my trust wooden sewing bag that my Mom gave to me from her silk ribbon embroidery days. I was sitting & embroidering a new card when the receptionist walks out. Apparently Keith was ready to see a computer generated image of what he could look like and asked her to come get me. Apparently he had only said my name and not my relation.

The receptionist walks out and says 'Anne? Keith's mom? Your son's waiting for you."

... ;/

I'm three years older than he is. Apparently sewing adds years... and she had forgotten her glasses that day :P

The reason that I thought about this was this lovely blog with an article about stitching in public. Do you stitch in public? What sort of reactions do you get?

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