Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fuchsia: Free Pattern

Today I am in the mood to embroider fuchsias and if you are too, grab your supplies and we can get stitching. Be sure to review the fuchsia tutorial offered here:

Here is a picture of my sketch.

To make the pattern, follow an exaggerated 'M' letter. I find it looks nice if the lengths vary.
Using a vanishing pen, trace a shape onto your fabric.

Work left from right, starting with your darker colored ribbon.
After that, set about making three loose loop stitches ar
ound your first two stitches. You'll want these to remain raised from the fabric a small amount, so do not pull the ribbon taunt when you form the loop stitches.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tutorial: Christmas card

This is a tutorial on how to create a silk ribbon card - for Christmas or possibly a thank you card.

First, create an embroidered sentiment. You will need a good three inches of fabric around the pattern.

2. Remove the embroidery and iron out the piece. Place the ironed embroidery within your card opening. Using your erasable pen, mark the edges of the embroidery to ensure proper placement.

3. Cut a piece of card stock to fit the interior of the card. Some cards supplied for embroidery will likely have a card supplied. Trifold cards will eliminate this step :)

Use double sided tape or adhesive squares to adhere embroidery to the card. Place the embroidery into the card and secure with more double sided tape. Place the card underneath something flat so that it will bond evenly.

4. Marvel at your creativity!

You can find this kit offered in my etsy shop momentarily. You can also enter the giveaway

Monday, October 24, 2011


Tutorials on how to sew a certain flower or other technique are posted regularly on this blog. Be sure to follow so that you don't miss anything!

The first tutorial; How to embroider a delphinium:
The second tutorial: How to embroider an Aster (using french knots & ribbon stitches)
How to embroider foxgloves and irises
Bluebell Tutorial
Purple Pearl: Fuschia Tutorial

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Drop me a note if you have any questions

Craft book review (with pictures) of the Big Book of Christmas quickies

I found this craft book, the big book of Christmas Quickies, right before I left for my Vegas vacation last week. It was about 18 dollars at Jo Ann Fabrics.

Its a good sized book with a great many projects. My first impression is here:

Now that I've had some time to stitch; I've found the ornament section to be very enjoyable. I am currently making a gift for my mother's friend who just had a baby.

The patterns are easy to read and they are very quick. In checking the other projects; I find them very inspiring to sew. One flaw is that the finishing instructions are very light.

What is up next? Well, this little treasure of adorable mice! I plan to back these with felt, sew on a ribbon loop and slip them into Christmas cards to be Christmas tags or Christmas ornaments.

I highly enjoyed this craft book and wish only for more hours in the day to sew them away.

Are you planing on doing any Christmas embroidery this year? I highly suggest checking out this book to see if it has your needs covered! Feel free to share your Christmas stitching ideas here :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Interesting article; embroidery for men


My fiance and I often joke about how men are never pictured or featured in advertising for embroidery. Embroidering isn't something just for men - there are plenty of male tailors and such; but in going through the little advert for 'quick kits', I found only one picture in 44 pages of a man embroidering.

Food for thought.
What do you think?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Good evening,

As I will be working on Christmas themed embroidery to

morrow (as in; about 12 hours!), I'll be snapping pictures of new things that will be hitting the shop.

One certainty is that this recently sold (and renewed) card will be embroidered.

I will be experimenting with color and cards (using the oval opening as well the square opening) to see which bring out a holiday spirit. I'll be sharing the pictures and my thoughts with you here, so don't be shy about which you like.

Also working on the line of heart cards such as these

so be sure to let me know which is your favorite

Pink heart card

Red flowered heart card
Pink rose heart card
I appreciate your feedback!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

working on a new kit means a giveaway for you!

I hope that this finds you well. I am currently working on a new monogram kit. I have made several for my mother's friends - all monogrammed cards. The interest has made me decide to offer a 'create your own card' silk ribbon kit.

This kit will come with instructions on how to create beautiful silk ribbon embroidery like this:

The kit will come with
*full instructions
* a selection of silk ribbon
* a selection of DMC embroidery floss
* One hand drawn floral pattern
* a felt needle book with needles
* One card with an opening designed to display embroidery

Due to my excitement about it; I'll be giving one of the monogram kits away free; shipping included when I reach 40 blog followers!

To join the giveaway:
1. Follow the blog here. New followers can post in to alert me that you are following.
2. Post your favorite item from my shop and why you like it to this post
3. For promoting the giveaway on your blog or twitter is another entry. Go ahead and link to your blog mention in your comment!
I'll be using your feedback on what you enjoy in the shop to list new silk ribbon creations to the shop!
I'll make a post with the winner when the blog reaches 40 followers!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Review of the big book of Christmas Quickies

I recently bought a book published by Leisure Arts, the big book of Christmas quickies. The cover promises +250 projects within.


1. There is a great deal of projects for plastic canvas and perforated paper; two supplies that I have on hand right now.

2. The first few pages feature cheery ornaments that I plunged into whole heartedly. The patterns are wonderfully simple to follow.


Merry mice are cheery and darling! I'm also fond of classics like 'Baby's First Christmas' and the simple pleasant ornament designs. There are also several simple designs that can adorn the edges of stockings, napkin covers and small gift tags.

I may just be a slow stitcher; but I've been working on Baby's First Christmas on page 8 for about five days and its about 3/4 of the way done. I also find the finishing instructions to be a bit thin. For a seasoned stitchers it will be easy to follow; but it slowed me down for a few.

I plan on timing the next time that I stitch it to give an accurate view of how 'quick' this particular design is. I'll also post photos of designs from the book as I finish them.

Have you purchased a new craft book? Post them in the comments here!

Friday, October 7, 2011



I am working on some new Christmas themed stitching for the new cross stitch themed shop that will be going up soon! Fantastic news is that I have a new laptop. The sad news is that the memory card from my camera can't plug directly into this laptop.

I'll be editing the pictures for a fun, simple cross stitch ornament that will work with all of your small patterns. You can stitch it with a simple blanket stitch very quickly; making a fabulous and quick little gift.

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Side news; I'm heading to Vegas for a week! The blog won't be updated; but check back to see pictures of the new Christmas projects :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Christmas comes to the shop

Hello every one,
I have obtained a new plethora of Christmas designs that I can't wait to stitch. Several shall be hitting the shop; but with a twist - I'm considering getting a seasonal only shop. The hardest thing to solve is the name!

Thoughts? :)
Also keep an eye for an ornament tutorial coming up; finishing my first felt cross stitched ornament!

Saturday, October 1, 2011



I hope that this finds you well. I am setting up a work space to work on some new silk ribbon kits :) While I feel inspired from doodling new patterns; I thought that I'd share some of the free tutorials you can find on this site.

Tutorial List:
Spider web roses:

Leaf tutorial:

Fuchsia Stem tutorial

Fuchsia Tutorial:

You can always find full kits in the kit portion of my shop

Happy stitching!