Friday, September 30, 2011

Your favorite flower

Close your eyes a moment and think to your favorite flower. When did you first see it? Do you have a good memory associated with it?

My favorite flowers are carnations. It started in sixth or seventh grade when we were learning about photosynthesis. To make the point about how plants processed nutrients; the teacher placed white carnations in jars of different colored water. For days the classroom was filled with pink, purple and yellow tinged carnations that brightened up the whole room :)

My favorite flower to embroider; however, are fuchsia

I tried to stitch a fuchsia many times; wasting ribbon and feeling generally down on myself. I just couldn't decipher the old embroidery book (and its hand drawn pictures!) Finally; I tried one final time and every thing clicked just right. I feel such a feeling of accomplishment to finish a beautiful fuchsia.

I've tried to take the sting out of the frustration I had by offering up my own tutorial. You can find it here:
Fuchsia Tutorial:
I also offer a full kit with iron on transfers and ribbon on the Etsy shop:

I look forward to hearing about your favorite flowers!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Beauty is Blooming at Etsy Neat

Etsy neat; the team devoted to hand stitched pieces of art; have been growing beautiful flowers for you!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Needle Art Loveliness

Many thanks to Rebecca for featuring me in the treasury needle art loveliness. There are so many beautiful pieces in the treasury!
Sneak Peek:

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

# Project # 1

For some reason, my computer won't save the rotated version and the laptop is at the repair shop. Sorry!
This is the most adorable ornament I can imagine! I can't wait until the felt arrives.

Has any one started Christmas Ornaments to share?

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Cross Stitcher, Britain's no 1 magazine, has been very inspirational this week end! I have been working on the 25 festive designs to stitch in an hour. I've found them to be easy - whole stitches only - and very quick work!

I've come across a great link to Blooming Felt.

The only sad thing is that this is britain's number 1 magazine, after all, so the prices are in Euros and you have to wonder about the shipping cost. I do love the colors; but decided not to wait for shipping from Europe.

I checked Etsy for an alternative and found a great deal! I have purchased some felt from shoppe3130 - purple, sapphire blue, red and green! I expect to be posting some Christmas designs here very soon. I will let you know how the felt holds up for Christmas designs!

You can find the magazine at Barnes and Noble. Its a purple colored magazine with photos of cross stitched designs (in purple and green coloring, very modern!)

Monday, September 19, 2011



Apologies for the erratic posting. I have been diagnosed with tendonosis; which cuts into sewing and blogging. However, I am still committed to finding the perfect holiday ornament for the ornament exchange!

Here's a tutorial on quilling which sounds very promising. She promises to hold our hand!