Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wristlets from genie3837

While I was working on Mom's new wristlet pattern (the one with the doxen!) I found this lovely plush! Isn't it gorgeous?

I'm also working on getting Mom's shop live! Which wristlet should go up next?
This one was just uploaded along with a red 'Hula' version!

Come by and see her first three listings. My favorite is the doxen wristlet! Its ideal for taking your four legged buddy on a walk :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Your Mental Mantra

Oh, it is so good to be home after a work day at McDonalds.
I am adjusting to being on 6 - 7 - 8 1/2 hour work days after having a few easy weeks due to being diagnosed with tendonosis. (Tendonosis is basically tendonitis in its you -should - have - gone - to - the - doctor - 8 - weeks - ago -now - you - really - screwed - yourself - up.)

The first 5 hours were in back booth which is basically heaven- you just take orders, take money, wash trays, repeat as needed. The auto greeter was broken which took away my extra 14 seconds to give each customer at my window eye contact, but I think I found a balance.

That all came to a crashing halt when I was moved up to front window. Front window is handing out food, assembling drinks and because someone didn't show up for work today, taking money too. Thanks, Sweetie Pie.

I was a little slow due to my brace preventing me from handling McCafe drinks very well, but I thought I was doing O.K. Until the O.K. lady.
Cue stript form:

Me: Hi, good after noon! Seventeen dollars, please!
Lady: Can I add something, I forgot? I can pull over there if that's O.K.!
Me: No, go ahead. What did you forget?
Lady: Three McChickens, O.K, two of them that new Jalapeno, 2 Extra large drinks, 2 more extra large drinks-
Me: Excuse me, which kind of drink?
Lady: 2 cokes and 2 Sprites, O.K.? Then 4 small fries-
Me: *Keys it in frantically. She's still talking, but a customer at the speaker has ordered drinks that are coming down the ABS. I start capping them and adding about six more things to her order*
Lady "- and 1 Sweet Tea."
Me: OK, thats 44. XX $$ Thank you!

Lady: O.K! Thanks! I only have quarters!
Me: What?
Manager: Whats the hold up! We have to get the line moving!
Me: *Dies a little inside*

Don't get me wrong, if you forgot a sandwich or something, you can add it at the window! Don't be shy. But another 27$ worth is a bit much.

My landing zone was full of bags and drinks by the time I got through all of those quarters. Oi vey.

While I checked out mentally as a survival technique, I started the '...when I get homes'. These are my creative ideas that I latch onto like a get through the work day mantra.

While I was thinking of hand drawn father's days cards - and a few with stitched embellishments from my new magazine!- it got me wondering what you focus on when you can't be crafting.

What are your mental craft ideas? Do you have a mantra like 'four more hours until I can sew!' Comment & share!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lavender Mint Sachets by magentaskystudio

Today I found some thing lovely while checking out my Twitter account - mint sachets!

Lets take a closer look at these beauties. First off, I love the trendy colors. Nothing too crazy bright just because its spring (although the ribbon for hanging has just a dash of color!)

Next I notice that the pricing is very affordable. By the time you get the fabric, measure it out and make the sachet, that is a very affordable price. Plus it saves you gas money getting to the fabric store to get it yourself!

The last thing that I like is a clear dimension. I'm not great on figuring out sizes. I can handle the size of a business card - I have 50 in my purse!

These beauties may be coming home with me if they're still around on payday. I'm sure they won't be though, wink wink.

Monday, May 23, 2011

A story about a lovely lady.. my Mom!

*Hums Brady Bunch*

I've been spending the morning enjoying the EtsyNeat forums, the team for hand stitched art. I was listening to stories about how people first discovered their art and it reminded me of my first brush with silk ribbon.

It begins with my mother nearly thirty years ago. She signed up for the embroidery class with Kari, the person who took silk ribbon beyond simple bows into true designs. In her 'Kari me Away' class, my mother met with several women and sewed for several hours at a time. She would joke about standing to stretch her fingers after hours of detailed work.

At the end of each class, the teacher would check the stitches by slipping a needle under the work- and checking the exact placement! Talk about precise creativity.

My mother moved onto smocking and creating her own line of tote bags and wristlets, but ribbon embroidery was a favorite memory.
When I was around ten she pulled out her beautiful box of (now nearly vintage!) ribbon and cute little bags of teeny beads for the necklace of embroidered mice. After I got over the cute as a button way my mother kept everything organized, she taught me how to make gorgeous flowers and garlands.

It was a lovely way for me to be entertained on long flights (as I used to fly at least 4 times a year to visit my Dad).

Just a few years ago (maybe three now) I discovered that same box full of ribbon and beads! It sparked that same love of embroidery that inspired me as a child!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Let me let you in on a little secret: I hate...

I have a secret to share - I hate colonial knots, french knots- all of those loop over your needle, hang on and pull things. It took me about sixteen tries to learn how to make one when I was bent over a faded vintage silk ribbon embroidery pamphlet. I say pamphlet as it was all of three pages with three poorly drawn pictures.

When I receive new books or patterns, I still check the stitch guide to see if I'm doing it wrong and if a knot is really some super cool secret thing.

I can still recall when I first decided that I hated knots. It was a first foray into silk ribbon embroidery. One pattern called for stitching straight stitches and leaving a circle in the center. One was supposed to take a separate fabric and fill in a circle full of french knots. Then one was supposed to cut out the circle, baste it into the center of the flower and TADA! Instant beauty.

Hahah. I tried that twice. The first time, I figured out that you shouldn't baste over silk ribbon stitches. It was a tight fit and I tried to capitalize on the enclosed space. Bad idea.

The second time, I had secured the piece down nice and tight- and then some of the knots started to unravel. Freaking knots, making me look bad.

Do you have a stitch that you hate? I still modify patterns with knots...

Satin stitch works great for flower centers for any one with the same freak out!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Are you a housesnarker?

Its not exactly embroidery, but its interesting!|aim|dl6|sec1_lnk3|61980
I came across this article on my 'yahoo buzz'. Normally I hate being plastered by inane 'news' while I'm trying to work, but this caught my attention as I am finally going to be moving to a place of my own in 4 months!

The article opens as a guest comments on 'DIY' 'Can you believe 'author' made these cushions herself?' to another guest. Honey, if you made a cushion that *I was sitting on, I'd hold it up and crow about it! I still measure every side of my sachets like someone with a crazy obsession... moving on...

It goes on to mention how house snarking loosely equates to our socioeconomical status. I don't know about you, but I am deftly afraid of debt. I may be living with a dining room table that seats three for a year before I'd upgrade to some thing that would mean I'd have to cut corners somewhere else.

What about you? Have you been the victim of house snarking? Are you self conscious about an aspect of your house?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Teachers Day

Happy Teachers day in the hoop project listed. I'm working on a few 'holiday' themed in the hoop pieces. My mother is a nurse, so I am trying to perfect the style before her holiday comes around. Any thoughts?