Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Deciding what to focus on this week

Staring at the comprehensive feel of my shop, I am laying out the ribbon and material for the week. I am very inspired by the butterfly pieces- but I also can't stop sketching Easter.

A combination may be emerging! Do you have any thoughts on what you'd like to see in the shop?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No cards- but new ideas


I am grieved to say that I am out of cards to mount the embroidery onto. Norma is sending my newest purchase, but it normally takes a few days to travel down from Canada. Meanwhile, I have found a magazine that's inspiring some new ideas.

I am new busily working on gift tags, book marks and reusable gift tags! Keep your eyes peeled for new things to hit the shop this week.

Also be aware that the sale is ending on the 23rd. Get your Valentines 50% off with the code!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

50% off Valentines Sale

This is a special sale for the Blog only. Feel special :) For the week of January 13 - January 23, the entire store is 50% off! The code is SerynasCreations. Feel free to apply the code to the Valentines Section!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The next idea

As I was setting out my spools of ribbon after finishing Mothers Day card, I couldn't decide what to do. Should I finish the geometric square card? Should I finish the three heart variations I sketched...two, three days ago?

Not entirely certain, I picked up a threaded needle and started stitching on the closest thing I found. It was a scrap of AIDA from the Mothers Day card. As I watched 'Its Complicated', while Keith checked work emails and the puppies terrorized Charlie, something came together.

It was a butterfly. The butterfly looked lonely, so I stitched a friend. What would a butterfly be doing... and so a full bouquet bloomed underneath the weaving insects.

Its not Picasso, but its cute. I've stitched it into a book mark and have to wonder- would book marks be something you're interested in?

I'm also curious if any one be interested in fuchsia bookmarks?

I'm fishing here. Help me real in the next big one.

Mothers Day Card

After quite a bit of time, the Mothers Day card is finished! Thoughts?

Tutorial: Straight Stitch Rose, spider web rose & french knot


Looking through the tutorials, I realized I never really got into how you could use the stitches that I taught. So here is a design idea: Fantasy Heart!

To start, draw a heart. Fill in the top center and a few of the edges with your favorite flowers. Rosettes, roses and carnations can be made with spider web stitch. Babys breath, delphinium, hyacinth and forget me nots can be made in french knots. Just about anything can be duplicated in straight stitch - fully open roses, marigolds and lavender to name a few :)
For my heart, I have decided on spider web roses (the circles with the crosses through them), hanging flowers (the small circles) and flowering spring flowers from the bottom of the heart. Now that you have a picture of what you want transfer it to your fabric. I use the minimum amount of marks on the fabric:
That ink may vanish with water, but I don't want to get the ribbon too wet unnecessarily. Refer to your picture for the final look and use the pen to mark the placement.

For this tutorial, I am using the 4 mm sampler pack from Pink Peppercorns + her 'spanking' ribbon selection.
First Stitch: French Knot
Lets start with your straight stitch flowers.
1. Start with a french knot of two to three wraps. (Wrap the ribbon two to three times around the needle). Place the needle close to where you brought the ribbon up. Holding the ribbon with your other hand, draw the needle through until you have a loose knot.
2. Draw your needle up near the knot and place it near the knot in a small straight stitch. Repeat this two to three times fora small rosette pictured below. Keep going to make larger or full sized roses!

Second Technique: Spider Web
For my spider web, I am choosing to make roses. First, cut your 12 inches of ribbon and lock it onto your needle. Stitch the frame for the spider web- five straight stitches of equal length, arranged like bicycle spokes. Knot off the ribbon and thread the same color ribbon.

Then draw up your ribbon near the center of the spokes. Be very careful not to catch the spokes. Now place your needle under the spoke nearest to where you brought it up, between the fabric and the ribbon. Do not piece the fabric. Carefully draw the ribbon through. Letting the ribbon fall over the second spoke, thread the ribbon under neath the third spoke. Using this every other spoke technique, wind the ribbon around your frame.
Pictures of how to wind the spokes:

Continue to stitch all of your spider web roses.

Next, lets do french knots! You already saw how to make one from the straight stitch flower. Play with color by placing several french knots near one another, switching ribbons to close hues.
Don't become married to your pattern. Do what looks good and what works out.

My pattern didn't include a blue - green rose, but I like it!
If you have any questions, please comment!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Fabric Cuffs

I've been photographing fabric to be able to offer custom cuffs. Here are my favorites (not including the prints in storage)

Green Prints
Pink prints (yes, those are cupcakes!) That one floral is what I used for this:
Pink Solids
Green prints

Here are the purples. I love purple. The lightest is a whole yard of lavender.

More patterns:

Floral Prints:

20% off entire store SALE


I wanted to let every one know that in anticipation for a large deal of Valentines Stock to hit the store, I am hosting a 20% off everything in the store. Simply enter the code Heart when you check out for your savings!

Come check out the new cards & kits that have gone up. I also have three ribbon selections - Mossy greens, pink potions & blue for you to try your hand at the tutorials posted here on this blog!

Happy V - Day!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ribbons for renandstimpy

Hello renandstimpy,
This is a selection of ribbon you can choose from for your custom card. Let me know which you like.
This is also a nice variable peach - pink hand dyed ribbon that would match nicely.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


(CariadClay) featured one of my in the hoop pieces in a treasury list.

'Its my garden' has some very interesting pieces!

My top three favorites are

Linen pincushion - crochet motif by namlio

Small Handcrafted Paper Flower by danamazing

MARGUERITE - made to order - pink and gray fabric flower corsage brooch by RiRiFisch

Please stop by and enjoy!