Saturday, November 12, 2011


Have you ever had a 'really? this inconvenience is happening now?' day?

My day started off at 6 A. M. when Keith accidentally knocked the alarm clock off when he left for work. It freaked out so I got up for my work day. It was raining cats & dogs this morning so every one lined up at my drive through window.

After the 500th person held up their money *inside their car* for me to lean out of the window to get it, I was able to leave work early. Apparently we're going to rotate cashiers in back booth so no one else gets drenched. (After I leave, right).

Since I had extra time, I went to Jo Ann Fabrics. While I was walking to the store, the sole of my work shoe lifted off and I tripped into a puddle that I swear was a foot deep. California wasn't made for these down pours, so the parking lot was full of rivers and miniature lakes.

After I found the silk dupion (which is 40% for Veterans Day; go grab some!) they only had pinks and purples. I really wanted white (for the white cards) but I went with a smoky grey. Pink roses will look really nice on it.

I'm so glad that I'm home... with my silk dupion :)

How was your day?

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