Monday, November 21, 2011

New Ornament being designed

I hope that this finds you well. I spoke in the past abou
t how there is an ornament exchange coming up with old family friends.

I originally had planned on using the European Magazine Crosstitcher design of square felt ornaments with cross stitched holiday scenes with in.

Yet upon examining them; they felt more like gift tags than ornaments. I looked through a few books for inspiration and found Splendid Silk Ribbon Embroidery; an older book with great ideas.

I used the silk dupion from my disastrous trip to Jo Ann's and free stitched a heart design onto it. The dupion was a drea; its perfect for silk ribbon embroidery. It *is* a bit hard to pin in place for finishing work; so I backed it with green evenweave for this ornament.

I did short the 1/4 seam allowance on the top a bit:

Something to learn from! I just finished a new bow inspired from Splendid Silk Ribbon Embroidery book. I'll be doing a full review of that craft book as soon as the camera battery has recharged so that I can photograph the much improved upon ornament!

This heart ornament might be offered on discount for being a prototype; I haven't decided. Look it over; offer any thoughts you have on it!
Do come check out the Christmas Bow soon.

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