Sunday, October 16, 2011

Review of the big book of Christmas Quickies

I recently bought a book published by Leisure Arts, the big book of Christmas quickies. The cover promises +250 projects within.


1. There is a great deal of projects for plastic canvas and perforated paper; two supplies that I have on hand right now.

2. The first few pages feature cheery ornaments that I plunged into whole heartedly. The patterns are wonderfully simple to follow.


Merry mice are cheery and darling! I'm also fond of classics like 'Baby's First Christmas' and the simple pleasant ornament designs. There are also several simple designs that can adorn the edges of stockings, napkin covers and small gift tags.

I may just be a slow stitcher; but I've been working on Baby's First Christmas on page 8 for about five days and its about 3/4 of the way done. I also find the finishing instructions to be a bit thin. For a seasoned stitchers it will be easy to follow; but it slowed me down for a few.

I plan on timing the next time that I stitch it to give an accurate view of how 'quick' this particular design is. I'll also post photos of designs from the book as I finish them.

Have you purchased a new craft book? Post them in the comments here!

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