Friday, August 19, 2011

Christmas Count down

What embroidery projects are you working on for the Christmas holiday?
My mom and I have are glad to participate in a hand made ornament giveaway with our long term friends Nancy and Crystal.

This inspired me to get out the 'gift tag' packet that was a free gift with the Stitchery magazine. There are several cute Christmas themed cross stitch patterns designed to be placed on aida and taped onto packages. The set up is pretty simple- embroider a simple pattern, adhere it to provided tag with double sided tape and tie to a package.

In the same magazine there is a felt ornament with an 'aperture' or opening in it where you display a cross stitched design. My cross stitching leaves much to be desired, so I'm thinking that I will place silk ribbon designs within.
Will botanical designs be a hit for Christmas? Time to start searching for ornament tutorials. Do you know of any :)
There are only 128 days (about!) until Christmas!

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