Friday, June 10, 2011

Top 2 Passions

As I settle in on the couch with the laptop and the Betta Handbook, I get to wonder about other peoples passions. What do you like to do best? Can you come up with 5 passions that have a big impact on your life?

I considered this and came up with a few
1. Embroidery, of course! I I love to pack a 'to go' basket when I leave for the day. While my fiance was getting a haircut, I embroidered a new card!
2. Bettas
I love my Bettas (1 purchased, 2 kept from my last breeding season). Bettas are beautiful, intelligent creatures- I don't mean have a conversation with it like a crazy person, but they do 'beg' for food and interact with you far more than other fish.
I hate going to Wal - Mart and seeing a poor fish in a teensy cups. That is not what a betta is supposed to do. See those tiny 'cute' 1/4 gallon 'betta cubes or 'betta vases'? That is not where a betta was meant to live.
Bettas *can not* eat the roots of any plants. Sure, they might peck at the infusoria that live in the roots and this looks like 'eating' to people who don't research betta. Bettas do best on varied diet. Don't feel overwhelmed when you see the list of foods that Betta enjoy. Starting out with
[*] a high quality pellet like Attisons Betta Pro
[*]Some frozen food such as daphnia, mysis shrimp, blood worms
[*] A freeze - dried option *** These will need to be pre- soaked before feeding to avoid bloating in your fish. Simply capture a small bit of water from your fish tank in a cup, add the daily portion and wait a few minutes before feeding it to your betta
are a good start. You can always pick up another choice next pay check.

If you are interested in learning more about bettas (or keep other fish) I have found this community to be supportive and helpful:
They even have care guides that are a flash to read:

Bettas flourish (and look gorgeous and are healthy enough to interact with you) when you follow a '1 gallon of water' per inch of fish rule. Most bettas are 2 inches, so that equates to *a bare minimum* of 2 gallons. Look how pretty bettas can be in a 5 gallon tank.

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