Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Critique: LJCtree


My relaxing week end is coming to a close. I was house sitting my parents house with three doxens (two of them are puppies that require constant petting). Its been a hard burden, but someone has to do it (seriously, they are too cute!)

While at my parents house I came across a product that I absolutely love. They are bath cupcakes (like bath bombs) from LJCtree.
I purchased bramble, lilac and a pink one that I can't remember the name to. I fired one into the tub last night and it performed admirably, even though it had been years since it was purchased!

I recommend her Bramble Bath Cupcake. It smells like blueberries and doesn't have a 'too strong' fragrance. My mom loves her Lavender so much that I also got her the lavender soap for her birthday.
Check it out!

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