Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Your Mental Mantra

Oh, it is so good to be home after a work day at McDonalds.
I am adjusting to being on 6 - 7 - 8 1/2 hour work days after having a few easy weeks due to being diagnosed with tendonosis. (Tendonosis is basically tendonitis in its you -should - have - gone - to - the - doctor - 8 - weeks - ago -now - you - really - screwed - yourself - up.)

The first 5 hours were in back booth which is basically heaven- you just take orders, take money, wash trays, repeat as needed. The auto greeter was broken which took away my extra 14 seconds to give each customer at my window eye contact, but I think I found a balance.

That all came to a crashing halt when I was moved up to front window. Front window is handing out food, assembling drinks and because someone didn't show up for work today, taking money too. Thanks, Sweetie Pie.

I was a little slow due to my brace preventing me from handling McCafe drinks very well, but I thought I was doing O.K. Until the O.K. lady.
Cue stript form:

Me: Hi, good after noon! Seventeen dollars, please!
Lady: Can I add something, I forgot? I can pull over there if that's O.K.!
Me: No, go ahead. What did you forget?
Lady: Three McChickens, O.K, two of them that new Jalapeno, 2 Extra large drinks, 2 more extra large drinks-
Me: Excuse me, which kind of drink?
Lady: 2 cokes and 2 Sprites, O.K.? Then 4 small fries-
Me: *Keys it in frantically. She's still talking, but a customer at the speaker has ordered drinks that are coming down the ABS. I start capping them and adding about six more things to her order*
Lady "- and 1 Sweet Tea."
Me: OK, thats 44. XX $$ Thank you!

Lady: O.K! Thanks! I only have quarters!
Me: What?
Manager: Whats the hold up! We have to get the line moving!
Me: *Dies a little inside*

Don't get me wrong, if you forgot a sandwich or something, you can add it at the window! Don't be shy. But another 27$ worth is a bit much.

My landing zone was full of bags and drinks by the time I got through all of those quarters. Oi vey.

While I checked out mentally as a survival technique, I started the '...when I get homes'. These are my creative ideas that I latch onto like a get through the work day mantra.

While I was thinking of hand drawn father's days cards - and a few with stitched embellishments from my new magazine!- it got me wondering what you focus on when you can't be crafting.

What are your mental craft ideas? Do you have a mantra like 'four more hours until I can sew!' Comment & share!

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