Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lavender Mint Sachets by magentaskystudio

Today I found some thing lovely while checking out my Twitter account - mint sachets!

Lets take a closer look at these beauties. First off, I love the trendy colors. Nothing too crazy bright just because its spring (although the ribbon for hanging has just a dash of color!)

Next I notice that the pricing is very affordable. By the time you get the fabric, measure it out and make the sachet, that is a very affordable price. Plus it saves you gas money getting to the fabric store to get it yourself!

The last thing that I like is a clear dimension. I'm not great on figuring out sizes. I can handle the size of a business card - I have 50 in my purse!

These beauties may be coming home with me if they're still around on payday. I'm sure they won't be though, wink wink.

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