Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Are you a housesnarker?

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I came across this article on my 'yahoo buzz'. Normally I hate being plastered by inane 'news' while I'm trying to work, but this caught my attention as I am finally going to be moving to a place of my own in 4 months!

The article opens as a guest comments on 'DIY' 'Can you believe 'author' made these cushions herself?' to another guest. Honey, if you made a cushion that *I was sitting on, I'd hold it up and crow about it! I still measure every side of my sachets like someone with a crazy obsession... moving on...

It goes on to mention how house snarking loosely equates to our socioeconomical status. I don't know about you, but I am deftly afraid of debt. I may be living with a dining room table that seats three for a year before I'd upgrade to some thing that would mean I'd have to cut corners somewhere else.

What about you? Have you been the victim of house snarking? Are you self conscious about an aspect of your house?

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