Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tulip Tutorial!

Hello every one,

Can't sleep tonight and wish to be productive. Go grab your sewing supplies and lets make a tulip bookmark!

The tulip flower is stitched with a straight stitch and ribbon stitches. I find it best to choose about three different colors - even if the pinks are slightly different, it will look nice.

Set up about three different straight stitches with a good green floss.
The first tulip (the left most one) is created with three stitches. Place two ribbon stitches very close together and leave some slack so that they create that nice curl. Pull up the last stitch at the center of the flower and place it over the top, between the two ribbon stitches.
The second tulip (in red) is created with a single straight stitch! These will look great as buds.
The third flower (in pink) was created in the same manner as the first flower- two close placed ribbon stitches. You can use variations of this technique for a beautiful, natural look!

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