Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The next idea

As I was setting out my spools of ribbon after finishing Mothers Day card, I couldn't decide what to do. Should I finish the geometric square card? Should I finish the three heart variations I sketched...two, three days ago?

Not entirely certain, I picked up a threaded needle and started stitching on the closest thing I found. It was a scrap of AIDA from the Mothers Day card. As I watched 'Its Complicated', while Keith checked work emails and the puppies terrorized Charlie, something came together.

It was a butterfly. The butterfly looked lonely, so I stitched a friend. What would a butterfly be doing... and so a full bouquet bloomed underneath the weaving insects.

Its not Picasso, but its cute. I've stitched it into a book mark and have to wonder- would book marks be something you're interested in?

I'm also curious if any one be interested in fuchsia bookmarks?

I'm fishing here. Help me real in the next big one.

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