Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Free Shipping + your choice of free promo with purchase


I am happy to report that new cards are en route from Norma. I am happily designing cards for Christmas (and parties!) right now. Once the adorable blue cards arrive, I'll be sewing Easter & birth announcements for baby boys!

Currently I have been testing out some festive wreathes (and testing out the new ribbon that has arrived!) I now have too much ribbon to store on the spool holder! It has been a great sewing experience this week!

In celebration, I am going to give away a promotional item with each order! I'll have a few examples photographed this week end and put up here so you know what you'd like for your free promotional item.

The designs being crafted now are a needle book, pin cushion, gift tags or Christmas cards! The promo code is 'ribbon' and let me know which you would like. Someone who doesn't sew wouldn't like a needle book very much!
There is also free shipping for the last few days of October to make room for the new pieces!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I apologize for the state of my pictures! Thanks to nenafaye's feedback (the same helpful person who gave me feedback on flowers!) I have gone through my photos and have picked up on the critique she gave.

Unfortunately, I will be working during the daylight hours all of this week- and I will shoot my terrible, indoors - under - the - embroidery - light photos. Yet I can re - shoot them on my day off on Saturday!

Although the news says there will be rain on Saturday. Rain and possibly thunder storms. I love Socal.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Watch this spot for Christmas!

I have arrived home from work refreshed & rejuvenated! (I give credit for Keith driving me so that I could de - stress from work). Now he's off for poker and I'm laying out the Christmas crafts!

Cards are big on my mind tonight - perhaps some Christmas oriented felt needle books! I also am going to finish the bunny - madness that I started last night. So far it's only a bunny book mark :P

I'll photograph tomorrow morning so watch this space!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Share your ideas

Show me your vibrant flower ideas!

In celebration of recent business, I ordered another ribbon delivery! I have chosen a selection that I never have before. It will come with brown, red, silver, deep purple, white, black, pink and blue. Have any ideas for flowers with that?

I am thinking of some Christmas designs! Presents, candy, poinsettias, wreathes...

The new Cards are up!

The new cards are completed! Sneak peeks with extra photos:

You can find the card here:

Many thanks to extraspecialwishes for featuring my clutch in her treasury!

I woke up to surprising news- a fellow Etsian, extraspecialwishes, was kind enough to message me about selecting one of my pieces for her treasury. To be honest, I was stunned. What a pleasant surprise!

The ironic thing was editing that listing was on my to do list because I had a little too much fun editing that one picture in Picnik. Now I shall! :P

SEW AWESOME. Here's the link:

Care to look through the treasury with me?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Prototype: Needle case

Last night I started stitching with some quilting scraps while watching the End of Time Dr. Who episodes. Lo and behold, I stitched together a prototype for a needle case. In the light of day I've found a few things that I'd like to add- a pocket for scissors, a tie for tying on fob cushions and a general pocket.

I love these colors:

Now I can sew at my fiance's house without him complaining that I am sticking pins in the arms of his couch or lugging the heavy magnetic needle holder :P

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sneak Peek at new cards

I've been embroidering some new cards- violets, wisteria and the like!

My experience with FeatherbowtiqueBeads was delightful!

I have recently decided to introduce a new addition to my embroidery- charms! I came to this decision when I found FeatherbowtiqueBeads's shop. I was happily favoriting some of her stock items (bumblebees, mice, sleeping cats!) when I was captured by a pair of dragon fly earrings. I felt that they would be perfect for me.

When I messaged her, she was happy to create a lot of special dragon fly charms for me. We communicated quite a bit and in addition to my original purchases she created new charms based on my preferences. I was very happy when Kathy shared photos of my choices and let me decide what fixings would work best for securing the charm to the embridery.

I advise anyone looking for charms (or completed jewelry) to check out Kathy's shop!

SMJ Cards is offering deals to her shop closing

If you are into hand made cards (and who isn't?) SMJ is offering marvelous deals on her cards due to the shop closing.
SMJ has let me know that the shop will be closing by tomorrow, so be sure to get in there tonight.
She has mini cards (which I love!) which are blank. The same purchase can be used for customers, family and any one you wish to thank for their kindness!

I purchased a Happy Holloween card for my nephews. SMJ has just a few Halloween cards left. Excellent for announcing your Haunted House to family & friends!

Thanks, SMJ!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

GIVEAWAY- Win a custum embroidered card!

To celebrate the support I've received in starting the new line of giveaway cards, I am hosting a give away!

The Giveaway Prize:

The person who wins the Giveaway will win one custom card, specifically tailored just for them! Have a loved one's special event coming up? Give a keepsake to help them remember the special day!

The winner shall tell me which flower they wish to be embroidered on the card. You can choose from past pictures that I've posted here or ask for a friend's favorite flower. You can even request specific ribbon colors from my post here:

Here is how to enter (each one is worth one entry!)

1) Write a comment on this blog about your favorite item in my etsy shop--One entry per this type of comment per day.
Visit to view my shop.

2) Become a follower of my blog. Sign up to follow me, come back to this comment section and post that you are following me!

3) Post about this giveaway on your blog! Come back here and comment with a link to the blog.

The winner will be picked via on October 27th. I will post the winner here! Be sure to stop back and check if you have won - and message me about your custom card desires!

The Violet

A snapshot of the violet card that will be up on my Etsy shop ASAP. I am still photographing the other flowers- photographing at night is terrible! I'm likely going to have to re-shoot next week but I'm too excited to hold off on the uploading :)

I'm also thinking of starting a Blooger's movement idea. Basically more established sellers would help new sellers get started on etsy by advertising them on their blogs, sharing tips and giving advice. What do you think? Would you join the movement to help new sellers?
Let me know!

New Card: Narcissus & Cornflowers

The new card has been completed! I have also taken the advice of nenafaye nenafaye and JustColor JustColor and have embroidered marigolds, tulips and daffodils! My favorite flowers of fuchsia and irises are also going to make an appearance here soon!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Asking for advice- either or!


These last couple of days have been a bit distracting. The fiance worked an 80 hour work week, I huffed through my 8 hour days the last few days and my mother went in for knee surgery yesterday (She is well and in good spirits!)

I feel badly about not getting all of the photos/tutorials up that I've promised you! This week has more free time, I will definitely be sharing more with you - starting tomorrow! :)

Tonight I leave you with a question. I am working on fuchsia cards and am curious which sort of arrangement would be most flattering. Which arrangement is your favorite? A group or individual? or


Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Design: Violet

I have embroidered a new design, a violet! If you checked out my spool stand, you know that I have plenty of purple and pink!

Would any one be interested in a violet tutorial? It is a nice, lovely looking flower. My camera battery is charging, but I'll get a picture up ASAP.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Inspired & organized, what a concept!

Today, I set up my 'work shop' with the new spool rack that arrived from Ebay today.
Now that I'm organized (and can see what I have!) it inspired me to get working on the little half completed projects I had been working on after work these last few days. The first one is a sachet:
It is my first attempt of the narcissus, which I think turned out all right! What do you think?

I have also sewn a new violet card that I am photographing now. Photos will be up asap!

The cards march on

I have a crafting day planned (with a block of session in the middle!). Thanks to Norma's support, I've mastered an idea for how to create the most understated, lovely handmade cards in silk ribbon. So far I have a Chinese lantern & Cornflowers & Narcissus. Still looking for ideas if you have any!
Stay tuned for new pictures to be uploaded. Thanks for the comments! Here is the first card:

First card listed for the new embroidery line!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Have an idea?


How have you been? I've been happily stitching away, working on experimenting with new flowers. No more simple roses.

I would love your opinion- what is your favorite, non traditional flower? Carnations? Fuchsia? I would love some direction. I have about twenty more cards to embroider :)


Saturday, October 9, 2010

The first card

I am so happy! My cards from arrived today

My first Chinese lantern is completed! Now to glue this to the card without wrecking everything... I am so glad Norma included the little 'cover card', too. I thought I was going to have to improvise.

The time machine- my first sewing sampler

It's always fun to think back to happy times in our childhood. I just stumbled across the sewing kit that my mother gave me when I was a little girl. Opening it up, I found several things that reminded me of all the wonderful things my mother taught me.

My first 'I did it all by myself' pattern:

My first cross stitch attempt:

My first sampler:
1995 - now I understand the term 'this will date me, but...'

Friday, October 8, 2010

Passed on from Mother to Daughter

A lot of things are passed from mother to daughter. Advice, encouragement and support are hopefully only a few of the wonderful things about the bond between mother and child.

For my mother and I, my mother shared her love of needlework with me when I was a child. Around ten years ago, my mother took a class with a woman - Kari from Kari me away-who catapulted silk ribbon embroidery beyond the simple and tame bows into flowers, animals and more. Here is some of what my mother shared with me:

Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Listing: Silk Ribbon Embroidery Kit - learn how to embroider Bluebells and Foxgloves

Here's a sneak peek at the new Kit in my Etsy!

Embroidering the Foxgloves: 1

Foxgloves: 2

New Listing: Silk Ribbon Embroidery Kit - learn how to embroider Bluebells and Foxgloves

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tutorial for straight stitch rose

In a hysterical side story, I am at the fiance's house which has terrible lighting at 9:05 P.M.

I am going to attempt the tutorial without photos (and will likely edit this listing tomorrow when I am able to photograph!)

Step 1: Select your 12 inch length of silk ribbon. Remember that Silk Ribbon deteriorates when it is pulled through fabric, so it is best to work with short lengths.
2: Draw a small circle for the circumference of your rose. I normally draw a circle a smidgen smaller than a dime.

3. Bring your silk ribbon up at the center of the rose circle. Make a two twist french knot here. (Wrap the ribbon around the needle twice. Hold the ribbon taunt with your non dominant hand while your dominant hand pulls the ribbon through, creating a 'knot' on the surface of your fabric.)

4. You will now begin to stitch small straight stitches around the rose. I normally stitch five short stitches, followed by a ring of seven and then nine. For a realistic effect, when I thread the next 12 inch length of ribbon, I stitch the opposite way as I started. For example, if I started stitch clockwise, I would stitch counter clockwise after the re - threading. I find this makes the lay of the ribbon look more natural to a rose. Do your best to not allow gaps of fabric between the stitching.

5. Place a little something an inch to the left and a fraction of an inch below the first straight stitch rose- I normally place a small rose bud.

Rose bud:
In the same color ribbon as before, place one ribbon stitch. Just below this ribbon stitch, bring up another ribbon stitch and place it to the left, allowing the ribbon to overlap the first stitch. Bring the ribbon up a smidgen to the right of where you broght the needle up for the second stitch. Place this ribbon stitch to the right, making a mirror image of the second stitch. Allow the ribbon to overlap the first stitch as well.

You now have a rosebud!

Place a stem stitch stem and stitch leaves in straight stitches randomly along the stem.
If you are interested in more silk ribbon embroidery, check out the kits on my etsy shop:

A wonderful article by Napa Needlepoint

I have found a wonderful article by Napa Needlepoint to be very helpful. The topic is substituting colors in a pattern. I'm sure that we've all done it. For me personally, I have taken a vow not to buy any more floss until I've used what I already possess. Why? My embroidery floss fills two Jo - Ann's bags already!

You can find the article here:

Let me know how you like it!

Friday, October 1, 2010


For some reason, the etsy blogs are rubbing me the wrong ways lately. I don't thik about 'merchandising'. I like to make things that inspire me and hope that they inspire others.

I may not have 200 items in my shop, but I remember why I made each piece.

#EtsyHolidayBootCamp - Are you a part of it?


I hope that this finds you well. I am currently browsing the Twitter section #EtsyHolidayBootCamp from the Etsy newsletter. If you are on Twitter and have a shop, I highly recommend checking it out. There are people posting that seem absolutely awesome- there's something about asking for a buddy that makes me feel as though I am six and in gym class.

It's mostly geared towards finding a buddy so if you're still looking, check it out!
Also don't be shy about following me at Serynarpc!