Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hello every one!

I am so proud of myself today. I actually accomplished everything that I wanted to accomplish!

- I organized my sewing/craft room
- I bought all the doodads that I didn't have (pins, different sized barrettes, alligator clips that I bought off of etsy)
- I finished everything in the to do basket
- I listed everything that was finished!

I'm still marveling at how long this all took to accomplish. I got home from DayJob at 2:30, shot the pictures by four and somehow it took me until seven to list everything. I think its the internet connection here, its terribly unstable. If I move the door to the computer casing, it jiggles the little modem and the internet goes 'good bye!'

I'm also not used to being at my fiance's house alone. His neighbors are playing loud 'boom! ba BOOM' music that is giving me a headache.


Any way, I am photographing several spider web ribbon pictures for the tutorial. I am uncertain if the internet will cooperate, but I will get it done :)

Oh if you want to see the new listings, check them out:

Blue headband embellished with Silk ribbon embroidery of blue flowers
This one made me think that there needed to be contrast on the blue, so I created the cell phone case:

I'm also embroidering ribbon for scrapbooking now!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where's my stuff?


I was browsing Etsy forums today and came across an organizational thread. It made me wonder how people I buy from store my goods before I get it. To reassure you, I thought that I'd walk you through the 'storage area' of the work shop!

Most of my items can't be slipped into an envelope and have to stand up nicely so that the ribbon doesn't become depressed. I have three boxes based on how the item has to be stored. You can be assured that every thing is picture perfect!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hello everyone!

I have discovered a new Etsy shop- graphicland. I'm very taken with vintage style flower types and vintage in general and graphicland offered a great buy 3 get one free deal! I haven't updated the scrapbook in a bit- I haven't even recorded the vacation that Keith & I took right before he proposed! The proposal seemed to be a lot more exciting :P

Now I have no excuses. I'll share some of the scrapping when I get to it.

There will also be a tutorial up later in the week. I've had a case of the missing memory card (which is the joy of sharing a camera!) but it will turn up with a new tutorial- snowdrops!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A big thank you to ausefullife for choosing to add me to her 'Oh how I love these things!' treasury! It is an honor to be next to these lovely pieces, each piece more lovely than the last.

My eyes keep going back to quilt - fresh spring grass by btaylorquilts. I am just dabbling in quilting and appreciate her skill!

Many thanks, ausefullife!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Quick- any color

Quickly- what color pops into your mind right now? Tell me!

The craft room is surrounded by pretty pastels, vibrant solids and just fascinating patterned fabric. I went through a big purple phrase (seriously, look at the shop!). Yet I have a new selection or blue and purple silk ribbons that are simply lovely.

What sort of color should I use next? I'm picking through for the next tuturial, so let me know.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Del Mar pics


I know, Del Mar Fair was forever ago. But the camera I borrowed for the pictures was with the owner and I finally was able to get the pictures off of it. Here are some of the neat hybrid flowers that were there!

I'm going to experiment to see if I can create these... What should I embroider them on? I've really enjoyed barrettes. I also picked up new supplies such as pin backings so perhaps I'll try those too!

I also found my favorite flower to embroider- fuchsia!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I have attempted a new SRE (Silk ribbon embroidery) idea- hair barrettes! I'm attempting to create a gift for my future niece, Shaelyn.
So far, I'm experimenting with these...

I think that I'll list these embroidery pieces. I was freehanding them and they came out a little big for a two year old! I'll update with more ideas :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

New Butterfly & flower cell phone case listing

Here are additional photos of a new listing:

Be sure to post in and tell me what themes you'd like to see embroidered for the giveaway :)

Two tone flower tutorial

Today, lets talk about making a two tone flower!
To begin, start out with four evenly spaced ribbon stitch flower petals. I suggest using yellow floss (two strands) to make a french knot flower center first. You can see that I've placed various sized knots around for a flower cluster.

With complementary silk ribbon, stitch ribbon stitches in between your initial four ribbon stitches. Feel free to add more than one to make a full flower.

Keep an eye out to see a few more pictures to be posted up tomorrow!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Help me decide what to giveaway


Thanks for reading this. I have decided to send a 'giveaway item' to Kristi (kwhiz84 on Etsy) and I could use your help deciding what it should be! Any ideas?

Here's a snap shot of a 'day in the life'. I'm trying to perfect 'day in the life' for the Etsy Neat team. Tell me what you think!

10 AM: Get up and check the internet. I am a Hunter:the Vigil admin/storyteller at, so the players normally update while I sleep.

11 AM: Lay out the days craft project. If there is any cutting to be done, this is done first.
12 PM: Pause crafting for breakfast. (I know, odd metabolism- it takes me awhile to get hungry!)
12:30: Take the puppies outside where they will relax while I sew.
4 PM: I set down the sewing for the day. I pause to upload any thing that were completed. I then do my 'Etsy computer time'- check the forums, go into the chats for a few minutes and get caught up on the blogs that I follow.

5 PM: Get dinner set up, do house work, get things set out for work the next day!
6 PM: Normally I host a scene for the Hunter writers on my days off and they tend to happen here.

10 PM:
Fiance comes over! The puppies (Phil & Dottie) love this time. We went from this (below) at four months ...
... to Phil & Dottie getting a bit rambunctious.
11 PM: Keith goes home, I game on the computer (Sims 2!)

Prepare to be at work by 11 the next day... boo day job!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New featured Etsian:fyjewelry

New featured Etsian:fyjewelry

I was chatting in Etsy chat today when I saw a picture that caught my attention. It was called 'just nesting'- it was a wire birds nest necklace with pink eggs. It was adorable! Here is another in another color:

I love the delicate nature of the necklace. I admit that I bought the pink one.

I also like the whimsical nature of this eagle 'wing' necklace:
Patriotic has now been made pretty by fyjewelry. fyjewelry is new to Etsy - I am apparently the only one to buy from fyjewelry. I have to say that browsing her shop makes me feel that she has a solid shop going. Stop by and see if she has anything that interests you!

The shop:

Monday, July 12, 2010

Cell Phone Giveaway

I've gotten into cell phone & Ipod cases! They are so fun to make. I'm taking requests- what sort of things should I embroider on them? What colors? I'll take your ideas and host another giveaway :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Cocrosecouture Giveaway arrives

The fabulous packaging aside, look at the contrasting colors in this headband! It will look great on brunettes, which thankfully, I am!
I was also very touched by the personalized message included in the packaging. I am very glad that i participated in this giveaway :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Beary Cute!

Some pictures of my new Lily Headband!