Sunday, March 28, 2010

The new Fabric Patch line: Countryside Ribbon Embroidery Quilt set

The new Fabric Patch line!

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Collage of the first three completed:
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Playing with Picassa

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Worthy Cause


This isn't related to silk ribbon embroidery, but I just watched a powerful awareness ad about sea turtles being on the endangered list. I'll spare you the heart wrenching details, but please consider looking into Oceana - help get sea turtles off the hook!

Friday, March 26, 2010

New items listed in the shop today. I am working on completing the patch line- I have decided to add an additional crazy quilt supplement! Now you can add crazy quilt flair without the work of embroidering it yourself!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Fabric Patch: Red Passion flower

Here is a new patch that I have just completed!

Technique Thursday: French Knot & Ribbon Stitch = Aster!


Today, I will be walking you through how to create an Aster. This is a very simple flower to make. To form the flower, you will do two types of stitches: A french knot and ribbon stitches, the simplest of stitches. Let's begin!

A lot of patterns start you off with stitching the flower petals first, yet I like to start at the center and work my way out. Cut yourself a nice length of yellow ribbon and secure it to your chenille needle. Choose a place on your fabric where you will stitch the flower- I recommend sketching a small circle with a pencil or water erasing fabric pen. You will stitch this knot at the center of the circle and place the petals to the edge of the circle.
Pull the ribbon through and twist it around your needle. Patterns often call for different sorts of french knots- a two french knot is wrapping the fabric around the needle twice, for example.

Place the needle very close to where it came through. Gently pierce the fabric here- and this is where I use my other hand to pull the extra ribbon and tighten the loops around the needle. You will want to hold this ribbon as you pull the knot through. You can play with this technique and learn to pull the knot to give a loose or tight knot, depending on what flower you want to create. This knot alone can be used to create flowers. For example, three closely placed french knots as I have done here can be a spray of rose buds. They also work nicely for baby's breath or flower buds of any flower.
To stitch the Aster petals, place four ribbon stitches in a dark pink color. Place these stitches as I have- at four points. To form the ribbon stitch, bring the ribbon up to the front of your fabric. Use your finger to lay out a 'petal' with the ribbon, then place the needle where you want the tip of the petal to be. Pull until the ribbon makes these nice 'curls' by folding inward. Look to the following picture for an example.

Complete the Aster by stitching ribbon stitches around the flower. I like to make some stitches smaller than others, especially in between these four first stitches. It's important that these stitches radiate out from the center at straight points- think of this as the rays of a sun in a child's picture.
Completed Aster! Well done :)

Next week, we'll work on Blue Convulvolus!

Monday, March 22, 2010

The new 'fabric patch' set line

I have decided to offer a set of 'fabric patches'. These patches will be popular quilt piece sizes that I have embroidered with silk ribbon designs. Here are a few of the prototypes of the patches:
The Aster
The spider web rose

The delphiniums, open irises and pansy patch

Here is a choker that I crafted from these fabric patches:

These will be on Etsy ASAP!

[Alchemy requests] Silk Ribbon selection

The Blues and Greens

The Pinks^

The others

When my mother was my age, she took classes with Kari (the woman who truly took silk ribbon beyond bows and knots.) She has since given her ribbon supplies to me (while she continues her quilting, serging & upcycled tote crafting.)
My 'set up'

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sometimes you learn more from mistakes...


Thanks for joining me today. I hope that you enjoyed yesterday's Technique Thursday!

Following that thread, I have to share that sometimes, you learn more from mistakes than you do from things flowing perfectly. I continued to work the delphinium project- adding a half closed Aster blossom and a closed iris. About this time I wiped off the remaining transfer pen and realized a startling discovery- the seam around the square was now too small to do anything with! This piece could no longer be sewn into a quilt or sewing project.

That didn't deter me, though! Tune in after I get off work (about five hours) to see the new project!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Technique Thursday: How to embroider Delphiniums


Thank you for stopping by the first Technique Thursday. Today's 'how to' is about embroidering a type of flower called a delphinium.

You'll need:
A length of green embroidery floss, two strands approximately 10 inches for one flower
A length of light purple embroidery floss, approximately 12 inches for one flower
A length of complementary purple embroidery floss, approximately 12 inches for one flower
A length of purple silk ribbon. I stitch in 7 MM

Use the green floss to make a single straight stitch, this will be the stem. Any length between four to eight inches will work fine, depending on the flower height that you want. Do not fasten it off, but anchor it. This stitch will loosen as you work the flowers, you'll pull the thread taunt and fasten it off at the end.

Anchor the ribbon near the bottom of the stem, about an inch or two from the bottom. Hold it flat with a second needle and take the ribbon back through the fabric close where it came up. I use a wide chenille ribbon, preferably a more dull one to prevent accidental ribbon tears.

As you pull the ribbon through, raise the second needle that is underneath the ribbon. Choose a nice height just a little higher than the ribbon is wide. Let the needle help you from pulling the ribbon too tight!

If you do, use the eye to gently pull the ribbon back through to make a nice, full flower.

Now we take the two strands of different purple colored floss and come up through the petal. Try and bring it up through the center of the petal.
Remember that you are working with three strands now- the green stem, the ribbon and the two strands in your hand. To complete the delphinium stitch, you will make a two loop french knot and bring it through the center of the petal. It is very important to flip the fabric over and smooth out of the strands. If you stitch through the ribbon, it will make a tear that will ruin that section of the ribbon, causing you to cut it off and start with a fresh length of ribbon.

I normally stitch each french knot after completing the ribbon loop, but I've heard in the hand book of silk ribbon embroidery that Ann waits until the end. Whatever you prefer!
Here is what the completed flower will look like:

The next thing is to flip the piece over and trim it a bit better- you can see that extra ribbon just hanging out there! Don't want that getting in the way of sewing your quilt, using the piece as a fabric patch or any other idea that you have.

If you have any questions, comment or send me a covnersation on etsy! (Serynanne, Seryna's Creations)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Technique Thursdays: My new idea

I am very excited! I have decided to do 'Technique Thursdays'- every Thursday, I'll show a new technique. I have just created a Aster & Delphinium piece that I'll be showcasing. Look for it tomorrow!

New Line coming out and new Etsy Mini


I only have a minute before I have to run to work. I have decided to do a new line that should be a great deal of fun! I'll get pictures up ASAP. I plan not to put it on Etsy until I have a few batches!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Reality check

I have literally spent two hours cruising through the Etsy forums (check it out, it's wildly entertaining).

I never realized how seriously people take their craft. Here I sit, crafting in the wee hours between Mcdonalds, school and my meager social life. In addition to creating pretty things, you have to pimp yourself on facebook, send out gift cards to every one you know, become an expert photographer and oh yeah, all of this:

Wow. I got into jewelry making as a 'you know, this would be fun, too!' while I was picking up fabric for my pouch making. I literally dragged a big, plastic purple bin out of my closet that my mom saved for me (she gave it to me when I was around nine). It was full of all these seed beads and little stuff that you give to a kid. It's like candy land!

I don't want to pimp myself to my friends on facebook. I don't really feel like assualting stranegrs with my business cards. If this means that I might not ever make a sale on etsy, that's O.K with me. I'll make what I enjoy to make and when I run out of room, I'll mail them to friends and family.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

New supplies = new necklaces!

I did play a bit with the new items that cam from my Etsy purchases. I did notice that the connectors that I thought had complete loops on either end have a loop on one end and one a hook on the either. Note to self, read descriptions better in the future. This is what I came up with:


(Please ignore my plain background. I was a bit excited to take the picture!)

I am very proud of this necklace. It was my first attempt at creating my own eye pins with my round pliers and a bit of wire. I like the look! I did tweak the length a bit. My original vision was a long pendant, but when I tried it on for sizing I decided that it should be at a choker length instead! (My first choker!)

My first charm necklace, Lucky Dragon:

The Sun Star necklace:

Thursday, March 11, 2010

New idea


I was crafting some chokers while looking over my NERO book. I was suddenly struck by an idea to help casters track their spell uses- a bracelet where beads could be used as an abacus. For example, if a caster has a four block, the bracelet will look like this to start with:


Then the beads can be slid over with each level of spells cast. I'm off to create a prototype to see how feasible this is. Pictures coming soon.
Eh, the bead abacus(need to come up with a better name) is not doing well. I began by cutting wrist lengths section of silk ribbon, intending to string beads upon the ribbon and hook it into a multi - prong connector. The first setback was that the ribbon was far too wide to string any beads through. I stung a line of beads on wire and anchored the strand to the silk ribbon.

I am not pleased. I'll have to settle down with this after work tomorrow.

(I also just got a shipment of crafts in! Pictures coming soon).

I have worked on my 'spell - counter' idea a bit more. Here is my final idea:

It's far too chunky for a bracelet. I can try seed beads to make it more streamlined.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

NEW: My items are now on my Etsy Shop


I hope that this finds you well. I wanted to let you know that I now have an Etsy shop where you can purchase my creations directly! Here is a link:

Seryna was taken- hopefully by someone actually named Seryna!
I've made a few nice finds on Etsy. Some renaissance beads, handmade wire straight pins and some wonderful pendant pieces. I also found some ceramic roses! I plan on sewing these into one of my bouquet pieces.

I highly recommend that you check out StarJems, beetreebyme and doubleangeldesign. Lovely group of people.

I'm working on a choker made of felt with bits of chain necklace attached to it presently. I'll let you know how it turns out!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Beaded & silk ribbon embroidered fabric cuff

Beaded & silk ribbon embroidered fabric cuff

A wide fabric cuff with embroidered flowers of blue, yellow and purple. Complementary beads are throughout the piece! The cuff has a woven button loop that loops over a complementary button. Some extra material is attached so that the button can be moved to adjust the fit.