Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ribbon embroidery pieces

These are some of my favorite pieces.

The jewelry (for sale, trade, perhaps)

I have jewelry bursting out of my jewelry box.

It has gotten to the point where I need to consider how to store the jewelry. I don't want to stop acting on my ideas, so perhaps someone would be interested in these pieces. If you have an idea for something custom, drop me a line! Best offer, in game or out of game.

Heart and Leaves Bracelet
Wire bracelet with blue beading, silver accent pieces of leaves and a heart. Magnetic clasp.

Charm Bracelet
A variety of beads, silver leaf accents and natural stone chips. Toggle clasp.

Wooden drop earrings
Crafted from wooden beads and placed on silver fastening. Two of several varieties pictured.

Two - tone earrings

(pictured in brown)
Wooden Bracelets, necklaces & earrings

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The finished spell book

Thanks to some good people on Northcoast Nero, I have gathered enough information to create my spell book. I decided that my favorite piece should cover the book.

This is the design that I chose (when half way completed). I stitched brown flannel to three sides of the white design piece. It gives a nice contrast and will hopefully catch anything that might stain. NERO does involve lots of running in the woods!

On completion, I also added a 9 MM pink ribbon to the end of the piece and stitched it through with a ribbon stitch in 5 MM cream colored ribbon. I love vibrant colors and two stitches in canary yellow were placed at the start of the ribbon.
I sewed the design to a nature themed fabric and used that fabric to make a removable book cover.

(You can see a bit of the transfer ink still, but that comes off with a dab of water). The book was fun to make and I feel that it is very pretty. I'd love to hear your thoughts- drop me a line!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The most fun I've ever had while stitching a flower

Abiding by patterns is a new thing for me- and something that I'm really enjoying! I started this flower with no idea how I was supposed to do it. It was clear that there were two different colored ribbons with ribbon stitches- yet there was a big yellow center, light green straight stitches and a row of little green french knots beside the center. What sort of flower is this? Any guesses, any one?
Well, I was determined to try, any way. So I get started on it. When I'm done with the first row of double stitches, I realize that it is lovely! I don't really know if I love the green lines/ yellow flower buds thing.

Screw the pattern.

Then I start looking at the next row, the pink flowers thing. I was thing of using the tulip technique that I learned from Carol Daisy:

So I get started with the stitching for the tulips- but the ribbon curls. I place the stitch any way and I like how the curled stitch comes out. Maybe the pattern isn't bad- for ideas! I'm enjoying this head band more and more...

Continuing the head band project

Today, I continue the head band project first mentioned here:
I began wanting a nice rose bouquet for the 'in game' side of the head band. I started off without a pattern, but then the pattern that I bought off ebay arrived the night after I began.

I'm not sure why there's random green, turquoise and purple french knots on this pattern. It doesn't really go with the 'stumbled across a rose bush' theme of the headband, so I discard that part of the pattern. Some contrasting roses would suit the head band better.

I decide to add a stem stitch in ribbon to the white roses.

Here's how it turns out:

In examining the headband pieces, I realize that the piece that I cut out for the 'out of game' side is already unraveling at the seams. Darn it. I haven't stitched the white head band side (as I gave the first design to my mother), so I decide to stitch the first half of the head band immediately before it unravels any more. I'll embroider the other side as soon as I can. I also like how the flannel lays over the white material when I stitch the corners. Perhaps I'll try and continue that when I finish up the head band.

I intend to sew up the end of the head band with cords and beads so that it can be tied in any sort of way. .
In opening another package from ebay, I discover the bell pull pattern that I really like. The colors, the whimsical form- they all look really pretty: The pattern needs to be horizontal, not vertical, so I might try various vines instead of a single one.

It will probably make more sense than various flowers all coming from a single vine, the only flaw that I see in this pattern.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The jewelry for my character, Seryna

Green has really spoken to me this week. The green accent necklace dotted with natural green stones is a nice look. I like the larger green stones for the bracelet.

The double strand seed glass bracelet came out a little long ( I tied in some clasps with coiled wire and natural stones in amethyst and clear crystal). It may work better as an anklet, now. I plan on making a proper sized bracelet soon. Perhaps a light blue color to go with the heart bracelet.

The red rose is made out of stone and has a nice, hefty weight to it. I found some good red and brown beads to complement it. I'll string the beads on wire, although I plan to wrap some leather around the rose pendant itself for a more natural look.

The head band project

I always hate looking at pictures of pretty costumes and then you get to people with a scrap of white fabric tied around them. For all of the thought the costumes get, the OOC headband looks so plain.

What could be better than a plain, boring head band? A reversible band that could be used in game and out of game! I'll stitch cord with beads to the end of the headband so that it can be tied across the forehead or over the crown.

The OOC head band pictured here is a rose bouquet- a rich pink and cool cream with light green petals.

I plan on finishing the 'in game' side with matching roses, but in an informal design.

Iris & Pansy Pouch

I needed a 'little something' pouch for mundane items (carrying tags, sewing kit, money pouch and so on). I decided that it should be a small, non bulky design and stitched the pattern right on my favorite flannel. I like that it looks authentic and plain (something any character can justify affording) yet is soft to the touch and very durable.

The stitching of the flowers covered the heart - shaped basket handle a bit more than I like, but the flowers are more pretty than a handle would be. The stems are stem stitch in light green and deep green. There is floss detail stitched in medium green.
The iris' have gold bead centers that add a bit of glitter.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Welcome to Seryna's Creations, where I showcase items that I have created. I began this project as a way to organize and improve upon the pieces that I am creating for West & Northcoast NERO.
You can find out more about NERO here:
West NERO is officially on hiatus currently, but I am attempting to organize a Market Day. If you are in So Cal and interested, send me a message.
While searching for some items for myself, I was shocked by some of the prices that were listed. If you would like to purchase one of my creations, please send me a message or comment on the blog.
All items here are made by hand- from the pouches to the spiral roses that adorn them. I will also enjoy the challenge of creating something just for you. If you see a pouch that you like but want it in another color or with a different design, send me a message and we can create something designed just for you.

A glossary that I will use to describe my projects.

NERO: This item may interest those interested in LARP, NERO or simply like natural - looking pieces.

Simple Items:
You may note that there are plain items for sale. These are for someone who wants a simple piece or desires to add their own personal touches. I will keep these items at a low cost- who wants to pay six bucks for a burlap sack? (Not that I stock burlap sacks, but I spotted such a 'deal' when I was purchasing for my own NERO events.)

Ribbon Embroidery embellishment:
However, you can also choose to have any item embroidered to your personal tastes by myself for a small fee. This fee is based on supplies utilized and time needed to complete the piece. A blooming expansive garden will cost more than a simple bouquet, for example.


You've likely noticed that there are two types of jewelry showcased here. The first is a natural sort, featuring beads and materials that fit a NERO setting. The beads are made of wood or metal and the visible medium is either a waxed linen or hemp.

The second sort is wire based jewelry that uses a majority of glass beads. You should consider how 'true' to the setting your Chapter holds if you are purchasing for NERO.