Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

This morning found me presented with a fun challenge- Keith wanted me to make a card for the hostess of a party that we were to attend.

I had a Hunter session planned, but as I wasn't the Storyteller I was able to set everything up and start stitching in between my character's posts.

Keith could almost be considered an alchemy request, I swear.
You can look at the picture here to compare:

He wanted the tree taller by half an inch. No crazy tinsel, no ornaments- something nice and traditional. Something boring, I thought! So I dug into the ribbon my Mom had given me from her 'Kari me Away' ribbon embroidery classes.

I found some of the organza ribbon with the sparkly glitter-y look to it and used that as the only decoration to the tree, besides the star. You need a star!


My first tree:

Keith's tree for Ana:

I free - handed the whole thing. Does it look off center?

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