Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Years Resolutions!

Lets face it, I bet we all make lists that we never intend to keep. Lose those ten pounds. Stop hiding the cookie stash ;)

This year, do you have any Etsy goals? I know that I do!

Goal One: Show my Mom, sister in law and friends my new ideas first. My mom surprised me last night when she stated that she had no idea that I had so many finished pieces! It helps to have something to offer loved ones for last minute hostess gifts.
Goal Two: Spend more time on the end goal - making people happy. I spent some of my days off going 'I need to photograph', 'I need to promote' and 'I need to finish such and such!' instead of focusing on the joy of embroidery. Getting things listed is nice, but it isn't so serious!
Goal Three: Find more people to sew with! I hear great things about stitch & bi*ch, but I haven't found one in my area. All of my friends seem to think its old fashioned. Maybe I'll even sign up for a class!

What are your resolutions? Care to share them in the comments? They don't have to be about Etsy!

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