Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Free Shipping + your choice of free promo with purchase


I am happy to report that new cards are en route from Norma. I am happily designing cards for Christmas (and parties!) right now. Once the adorable blue cards arrive, I'll be sewing Easter & birth announcements for baby boys!

Currently I have been testing out some festive wreathes (and testing out the new ribbon that has arrived!) I now have too much ribbon to store on the spool holder! It has been a great sewing experience this week!

In celebration, I am going to give away a promotional item with each order! I'll have a few examples photographed this week end and put up here so you know what you'd like for your free promotional item.

The designs being crafted now are a needle book, pin cushion, gift tags or Christmas cards! The promo code is 'ribbon' and let me know which you would like. Someone who doesn't sew wouldn't like a needle book very much!
There is also free shipping for the last few days of October to make room for the new pieces!


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