Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tutorial for straight stitch rose

In a hysterical side story, I am at the fiance's house which has terrible lighting at 9:05 P.M.

I am going to attempt the tutorial without photos (and will likely edit this listing tomorrow when I am able to photograph!)

Step 1: Select your 12 inch length of silk ribbon. Remember that Silk Ribbon deteriorates when it is pulled through fabric, so it is best to work with short lengths.
2: Draw a small circle for the circumference of your rose. I normally draw a circle a smidgen smaller than a dime.

3. Bring your silk ribbon up at the center of the rose circle. Make a two twist french knot here. (Wrap the ribbon around the needle twice. Hold the ribbon taunt with your non dominant hand while your dominant hand pulls the ribbon through, creating a 'knot' on the surface of your fabric.)

4. You will now begin to stitch small straight stitches around the rose. I normally stitch five short stitches, followed by a ring of seven and then nine. For a realistic effect, when I thread the next 12 inch length of ribbon, I stitch the opposite way as I started. For example, if I started stitch clockwise, I would stitch counter clockwise after the re - threading. I find this makes the lay of the ribbon look more natural to a rose. Do your best to not allow gaps of fabric between the stitching.

5. Place a little something an inch to the left and a fraction of an inch below the first straight stitch rose- I normally place a small rose bud.

Rose bud:
In the same color ribbon as before, place one ribbon stitch. Just below this ribbon stitch, bring up another ribbon stitch and place it to the left, allowing the ribbon to overlap the first stitch. Bring the ribbon up a smidgen to the right of where you broght the needle up for the second stitch. Place this ribbon stitch to the right, making a mirror image of the second stitch. Allow the ribbon to overlap the first stitch as well.

You now have a rosebud!

Place a stem stitch stem and stitch leaves in straight stitches randomly along the stem.
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  1. Please do this again with pictures. LOL a true artist - alone with fiance in a storm with no electricity, and you are stitching? A woman after my own heart.