Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My experience with FeatherbowtiqueBeads was delightful!

I have recently decided to introduce a new addition to my embroidery- charms! I came to this decision when I found FeatherbowtiqueBeads's shop. I was happily favoriting some of her stock items (bumblebees, mice, sleeping cats!) when I was captured by a pair of dragon fly earrings. I felt that they would be perfect for me.

When I messaged her, she was happy to create a lot of special dragon fly charms for me. We communicated quite a bit and in addition to my original purchases she created new charms based on my preferences. I was very happy when Kathy shared photos of my choices and let me decide what fixings would work best for securing the charm to the embridery.

I advise anyone looking for charms (or completed jewelry) to check out Kathy's shop!

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