Monday, September 20, 2010

Terrible pattern

If you had stopped by my house for a bit of tea last night, you would have caught me in a full - on conniption fit. The reason was that I had unearthed some old patterns that I had bought some time ago (I want to say years ago) and I was excitedly pouring through them. What did I find? A list of colors, a notation of if the stitch is made of ribbon or floss and a stitch type. For eample, 'tiger lillies' had orange, ribbon, straight stitch. Yellow, ribbon, straight stitch.

Oh, fantastic. These three things tell me everything I need to know to stitch a believed tiger lily, yes? No!

I was so incensed I immediately started doodling my own pattern, chopping off the flowers that were just not right for the piece. I then wrote *capable* instructions for each flower and how to stitch it. Any one picking up that first pattern would be lost, wondering why thier piece looked nothing like the finished piece!

They'd have to have a fair amount of imagination to know what the finished piece even looked like, as the only photo of it was a sideways shot framed by six other items, one of which was placed across the 'mixed heart pillow'.

I may return to the original pattern in a fit of pride, but for now I leave you with the *real* mixed heart piece that won't give any one a brain aneurysm.


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