Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Line: pincushions?


You didn't see much of me these last few days because I'm happily embroidering for my new purchase- a pin cushion mold! It's a lovely stand made out of wood and it is simply charming. I admit to setting it all around my craft room, imagining where I would photograph it after I attached my own embroidery. Now I like it so much that it may stay with me :P My original intent was to embroider and offer it for sale on my store.

I think that I'll play with my designs for it a bit more and see how it would work out. I can always buy more cushions. I suggest that you check it out, here is one of the listings:

It'd be a great way to test out the tutorials and give it to someone dear to you. Or you can be like me and debate if you can part with something so adorable.

I have been working on wrist pin cushions today. I got the idea out of a quilting magazine. I got the *idea* as I've found that pattern making with felt annoys me. I much prefer freehanding things as opposed to measuring each itty bitty thing. I'll unveil the pictures tomorrow~ hopefully will have made progress to list them :)


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