Thursday, July 15, 2010

Help me decide what to giveaway


Thanks for reading this. I have decided to send a 'giveaway item' to Kristi (kwhiz84 on Etsy) and I could use your help deciding what it should be! Any ideas?

Here's a snap shot of a 'day in the life'. I'm trying to perfect 'day in the life' for the Etsy Neat team. Tell me what you think!

10 AM: Get up and check the internet. I am a Hunter:the Vigil admin/storyteller at, so the players normally update while I sleep.

11 AM: Lay out the days craft project. If there is any cutting to be done, this is done first.
12 PM: Pause crafting for breakfast. (I know, odd metabolism- it takes me awhile to get hungry!)
12:30: Take the puppies outside where they will relax while I sew.
4 PM: I set down the sewing for the day. I pause to upload any thing that were completed. I then do my 'Etsy computer time'- check the forums, go into the chats for a few minutes and get caught up on the blogs that I follow.

5 PM: Get dinner set up, do house work, get things set out for work the next day!
6 PM: Normally I host a scene for the Hunter writers on my days off and they tend to happen here.

10 PM:
Fiance comes over! The puppies (Phil & Dottie) love this time. We went from this (below) at four months ...
... to Phil & Dottie getting a bit rambunctious.
11 PM: Keith goes home, I game on the computer (Sims 2!)

Prepare to be at work by 11 the next day... boo day job!


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